SOMEONE LIKE YOU - Jennifer Gracen
The Harrisons, Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3916-7
MAY 2016
Contemporary Romance

Long Island - Present Day

Pierce Harrison is still reeling from the scandal he was embroiled in back in England. He didn't actually do what they're claiming he did, but no one seems to care. So he left his team and his life, and returned to his family's Long Island home. He just feels so tired of everything. But when visiting an old friend at his son's soccer game, Pierce finds something that might help him get back on track, helping coach a boys' team. And what do you know, the other coach isn't too hard on the eyes.

Abby McCord has been burned before, so when playboy Pierce shows up, she wants nothing to do with him besides co-coaching the soccer team. But the more time she spends with him, the better he seems. He's more down-to-earth than his fame or family fortune would lead anyone to believe, and while he definitely takes a less straight-laced approach to life than she does, he isn't flippant about it. But when she finally opens her heart to this charmer, will she be able to handle the heat?

The power of love can cure a lot of issues, but it's always nice to see a character that has started changing for himself, not just because he wants to impress a woman. Author Jennifer Gracen writes genuine, true-to-life characters, people you'd expect to see walking down the street. Abby and Pierce are the perfect example of opposites attract—not just the difference between their views on life, but their life and family itself.

SOMEONE LIKE YOU can easily be read as a standalone, though interested readers will want to check out MORE THAN YOU KNOW (Dec. 2015), featuring Pierce's brother Dane. The oldest brother gets his own story in ‘TIS THE SEASON, coming September 2016.

Amanda Toth