Wildefire Series, Book 2 of the Midnight Trilogy
Ballantine Books
ISBN: 978-0-345-53839-0
October 2013
Romantic Suspense

Atlanta, Georgia and Midnight, Alabama; Near Past and Present

Eighteen years ago in Midnight, Alabama in what was deemed a murder-suicide, three beautiful ten-year-old girls lost their parents. They were lovingly raised by their grandfather, Daniel Wilde. He's gone now, and the triplets are scattered…at least they were until five months ago. Savannah was an Assistant District Attorney in Nashville, TN; Sabrina a private detective in Tallahassee, FL; and Savannah was a homicide detective in Atlanta, GA. Savannah was seriously falling in love with Dr. Quinn Braddock, an emergency room M.D.

What happened to change things? Quinn's ex-wife, Charlene, was brutally murdered moments before Quinn went to see her in response to her latest attempt to manipulate him into coming back to her. Quinn found Charlene breathing her last. He tried to save her, but she was beyond hope. The only thing his attempt did was make him look even guiltier than he would have without the blood on him when the police came to the door. Though Samantha didn't really believe Quinn could have done such a thing, events from her past stirred some tiny niggling doubts. She took some time off work to prove his innocence and actually found evidence in his favor, but by this time communications between the two lovers had been seriously compromised. After hearing from Savannah about letters found concerning their parents' deaths, Samantha left Atlanta and returned to their home town.

The three women are together again in Midnight hoping to finally learn the truth about who killed their mother and father. Perhaps their father was framed. With the help of Sabrina's P.I. partners, they form the Wildefire Security Agency. They get one client right away, a frightened woman. Then there is still the question of who killed Quinn's wife. And with Quinn finally learning the truth of Samantha's actions, he's come to Midnight to woo her back to him.

So much is going on in this complex—but eminently readable tale—that the above is only a hint. Readers of the first book, MIDNIGHT SECRETS, will learn more about Savannah and Zach, and we'll all be tantalized by the tidbits concerning Sabrina, the third sister. As I said in my earlier review, the Wilde sisters might look alike, but they have very different personalities, and Ms. Grace does an outstanding job of bringing them to life…as well as the men who love them. Well, Quinn and Zach at least. We have yet to learn Sabrina's story. She spends a lot of time undercover in Florida…who knows what's happening there?

As both a plot and character driven work, MIDNIGHT LIES is full of action, suspense, and romance…a guaranteed good read.

Jane Bowers