Rosemary Beach, Book 9
Atria Books
ISBN: 978-1-4767-7607-1
December 2014
New Adult Romance

Rosemary Beach Present Day

Tripp Newark is back in Rosemary Beach, and it is killing him to see Bethy every day and not be able to talk to her. Eight years ago, they were in love and Tripp knew it was forever. Now, Bethy's heart has been broken not once, but twice, and she refuses to even acknowledge Tripp is there. He's finally ready to man up and be what she needs, but is it too late?

Bethy Lowry gave up on Tripp years ago, even if her heart never really forgot him. Then came Jace, and she thought she had found happiness. Losing Jace was the straw that broke the camel's back. Bethy wants to be alone, to suffer the heartbreak and loneliness she thinks she deserves. But Tripp isn't ready to give up yet. And maybe, just maybe, he can get the walls built around her heart to start crumbling down.

Abbi Glines has done it again gifting fans with the story they didn't know they needed. Bethy and Jace's relationship has grown over the course of the series, but they never got their own story. Now readers finally know why, and everyone is on team Bethy and Tripp! With a heartbreaking past and a hopeful future, these two will steal readers' hearts.

YOU WERE MINE continues in the fashion of the previous books in the Rosemary Beach series a one sitting read, because you simply must find out how they are ever going to get over the obstacles keeping them apart. Author Abbi Glines knows how to write characters that readers will fall in love with, not to mention the men that they will fan themselves over. Another great read in the Rosemary Beach saga!

Next up in the Rosemary Beach series is KIRO'S EMILY, a free read just released and available from major eBook retailers. Following that, be on the lookout for WHEN I'M GONE, releasing April 2015!

Amanda Toth