WHEN I'M GONE Abbi Glines
Rosemary Beach
Book 11
Atria Books
ISBN: 978-1-4767-9952-0
April 2015
New Adult Romance

Rosemary Beach, Florida Present Day

Mase Manning just wanted a few hours of sleep after a long night of traveling to Rosemary Beach from his farm in Texas. But bright and far too early, he woke up to the worst singing he has ever heard. So begins Mase's fascination with his sister's housecleaner, Reese. She's got a body that has him constantly on edge, and that freckle of hers he dreams about that freckle at night. And when Mase finds out she has a bad history, well, he can't help but go into hero mode.

Reese hasn't had the best life, but that's all in the past. She has a steady job cleaning houses for the rich to-do of Rosemary Beach, she has her own apartment, and she's working hard to get her studies back on track. But when she falls while cleaning a client's house, and Mase comes running to patch her up, she starts to dream of something more than just being alone forever. Can Mase's interest help Reese fight the demons of her past, or is she doomed to go through life alone?

The newest book in Glines's Rosemary Beach series features Mase, Harlow's brother, previously featured in ONE MORE CHANCE (SEPT 2014). Mase is in town to visit Harlow when he discovers that Rosemary Beach might have more to interest him than just a beloved sister. Mase and Reese's relationship grows slowly due to the pain in her past, and that makes their love all the more sweet, and maybe that much more heartbreaking.

All relationships have ups and downs, and the low point in Reese and Mase's life just might be enough to have readers sobbing right along with the characters. A page-turner from beginning to end, WHEN I'M GONE is the best Rosemary Beach book yet! Mase and Reese's story hasn't ended; they have so many more obstacles yet to overcome, but their love is something special, to be sure.

WHEN I'M GONE can be read as a stand-alone, but previous Rosemary Beach characters pop up multiple times throughout so some familiarity with the series is suggested. And definitely be on the lookout for the next book in the series, still featuring Mase and Reese, WHEN YOU'RE BACK, coming June 2015!

Amanda Toth