Atria Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-4767-5652-3
December 2013
Contemporary Romance

The Southern United States – Present Day

SIMPLE PERFECTION is the love story of two unlikely lovers who fight for their romance and overcome unimaginable adversity. Woods is a privileged young man who, in his mid-twenties, has his whole life planned for him. Woods thought his life would consist of running his successful family business, and likely being trapped in a loveless marriage. That was until Della arrived in the small Southern town.

Woods fell for Della at first sight, and as the two embarked upon a romantic relationship, he came to gradually understand and accept her complicated and dark past. Della, while beautiful and committed to making Woods happy, is haunted by the bad memories and scars of her dysfunctional childhood. Unsurprisingly, Woods parents disapproved of their son's blossoming romance with Della—and that becomes a central issue for Woods and Della when Woods's father dies, and overnight Woods is responsible for running the family business.

Dealing with his mother's growing disapproval of Della and facing the mounting pressures of his work responsibilities is overwhelming for Woods. Della does her best to give him her support and love during this challenging time, but increasingly questions her own worth and ability to commit to Woods. The terrible memories of her childhood and questions about her own future abilities to be a wife and mother take over Della's thoughts. Then, one fateful day while feeling particularly vulnerable, she overhears a conversation between Woods and a friend. Hearing only a portion of the conversation and not having the appropriate context, Della jumps to conclusions and immediately decides she needs to leave town and start over—without Woods.

Understandably, Woods is devastated and confused that his beloved girlfriend has left their home, town, relationship, and potential future together. After a difficult time apart, Della has several breakthrough realizations that make her view her past in a different light. Armed with this new knowledge, she returns home to Woods, ready to face the future in a new way.

SIMPLE PERFECTION is a deeply personal glimpse into an unlikely romance, and the sacrifices and understanding Woods and Della were willing to make in order to fight for their love. A quick and easy read by the  New York Times  bestselling author Abbi Glines, don't miss this page-turner!

Jennifer Harrington