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ISBN 13: 978-1-60174-200-1
ASIN: B00OX9IZGK (Amazon)
January 2015
A Regency Romance Digital Novella

England, 1809

Though not of the aristocracy, the Hight family has held their lands in Yorkshire for centuries; they are proud Saxon farmers who predate the invasion of the Normans. However, over the years, the family has dwindled to a few remaining individuals. The present heir to the land is Lisanor, a practical and capable young woman who has managed the farm for the last few years. Her grandfather's will contains a codicil explaining the contract he made with the Marquess of Guillemont betrothing her to the marquess's son. In it, she maintains control of the Hight lands and fortune…a fortune her late father made serious inroads into.

Major Clarence Lumberton has been away from Guillemont's Burn for eight years. He's just returned a wounded man, sole survival of his regiment, only to learn he is now the marquess and engaged to be married as soon as possible! He's made to see the necessity when he learns how his father has squandered the family fortune and sunk it heavily in debt.

Neither of the pair is impressed with the other at their first meeting the day before the wedding; she's tired from the journey and dressed in an unflattering mourning black; he can barely manage to get around even with help. The next day is a bit better as though they both clean up nicely for the ceremony. What is going to happen when two headstrong strangers must work together for the good of all…for the rest of their lives?

I found A PITIFUL REMNANT a pure delight. True, there are serious moments, especially concerning what the major suffers through, and Lisanor's natural worries over her responsibilities, but the interaction between them is fun. Other characters add much interest: Carleton, the butler; Nettles, the major's loyal sergeant turned gentleman's man; the Dowager Lady Guillemont, and Lisanor's sweet younger sister, to name a few. Some conflict is added by an uncle and cousin.

But now I'm in danger of dropping spoilers, so I'll just mention what I liked best about A PITIFUL REMNANT—besides the hero and heroine. There is never a slow spot or any place where one would be tempted to skip ahead. Every word has value.

Jane Bowers