Demon Hunting , Book 3
Kensington Brava
ISBN: 978-0-7582-6313-1
February 2013
Paranormal Romance

Hannah, Alabama - Present Day

Rebekah “Beck” Damian runs a dive bar that caters to the kith, or demonoid, population of Hannah, Alabama.  Her mother was a demon, but Beck was raised by her norm father, who wasn't always comfortable with her oddities.  Now though, she and Toby, the kith who helped to raise her, run the bar, and lately things have been a little out of control around town.  And now it seems that even more of that strangeness has traveled to her bar.  While trying to kick out Conall Dalvahni, captain of the demon hunters and the man who insulted her a few weeks earlier, a zombie named Tommy shows up, and Beck can't turn him away.  The fairies arrive, and after a fairy dust whammy, Beck finds herself at the double wedding of two of Conall's brothers, where she later meets Evan—her childhood imaginary friend who is actually her twin brother.

Conall has fought for millennia against the demons that wish to rule the realms, but this is his first visit to Alabama.  Something about Beck drew him to her, but he was a little shocked to find out she is half-demon, and he didn't react well.  Now he's got a long way to go to gain her trust, and that is something he really needs right now.  His brother, Ansgar, was wounded—something that is unusual for the Dalvahni—and he believes that Rebekah will be able to help him find the weapon that could be disastrous to the Dalvahni.  Her help is not the only reason Conall wants to spend time with Rebekah, but before he can do something about his attraction to her, he'll have to convince her that he's not hunting her or her friends.

With everything else going on in her life right now, the last things Beck needs is to get involved with a demon hunter, but once Conall lightens up the “doom and gloom” attitude, she can't help but notice how hot he is.  He's insisting on working at the bar to get information, and the longer she works with him, the harder he is to resist.

A little fright and a lot of fun go into DEMON HUNTING IN A DIVE BAR.  Growing up kith in a norm world wasn't easy, and her abilities combined with her father's fears meant Beck also grew up in the bar, home-schooled and isolated.  She's comfortable now in her place, but changes are coming her way, and these changes lead to some funny moments. Conall is a warrior, created ten thousand years ago to hunt down rogue demons.  The Dalvahni are supposed to be somewhat emotionless, but two of his brethren have fallen in love recently, and Conall had been a bit confused by this—until he met Rebekah.  She is a constant surprise to him, as are his feelings.

The third book in the Demon Hunting series does carry over a bit from the previous two books as far as the town's history and some of its characters go, but otherwise stands well enough on its own.  An engaging story with interesting characters, DEMON HUNTING IN A DIVE BAR is the first book I've read by Lexi George, and I look forward to reading more.

Jennifer Bishop