COLT - Georgina Gentry
The Texans, Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-4201-2167-7
February 2012
Historical Romance

Ft. Cooper , Southwest Texas - 1856

Second Lieutenant Colton Prescott has only one love, his mustang Rascal.  But when he sees Major Murphy's beautiful daughter, Olivia, he is stricken by her beauty.  Olivia has her eye on any handsome soldier who looks good in his uniform.  She plans to get her daddy to promote him to an important post back East, where they can live in comfort while they attend military balls and parties.  Colt has only just arrived at Ft. Cooper when Olivia sums up his potential and decides to make him fall in love with her, no matter what.

Colt is a Texas boy, born and bred, and he doesn't plan on leaving this area any time soon.  Ten years as a Comanche captive taught him the ways of the Indian, and now he fights with the cavalry, killing the people who are literally his blood kin by ceremony.  New to Ft. Cooper in the Texas plains, Colt is immediately sent out on patrol with the green Captain Van Smyth to raid a Comanche camp not far from the fort.  It's there that he rescues a blond white woman, Hannah Brownley, who was captured over five years ago.

Hannah does not want to go with these soldiers.  She must return to the Comanche camp.  Her four-year-old son has been left behind and she will not leave without him.  As it turns out, Hannah has become the Indian wife of a Chieftain called Spider, Colt's blood brother.  Colt knows Spider will not let Hannah go without a fight; he'll find her one way or another, and Colt knows when he once again meets Spider, only one of them will leave the confrontation alive.  Meanwhile, Hannah's husband, Luther, is on his way to take Hannah back home, if Colt can keep her from running back to the Comanches.

Colt has his hands full.  For a man who never planned to marry, he is suddenly engaged to the Major's daughter, Olivia Murphy, and he's in love with a married woman, Hannah Brownley.  He is not in love with Olivia; he's not even sure how they ended up engaged, and Hannah is a married woman.  Meanwhile, Indian raids are increasing, and he is facing a confrontation with Spider, who is determined to kill Colt rather than allow him to take Hannah away.

Hannah doesn't want to return to Spider, but she'll do whatever it takes to keep her son safe.  And the last thing she wants is for her real husband, Luther, to take her back to their home.  She married Luther to get away from an abusive father, but she landed in an equally abusive marriage that she does not want to return to anytime soon.  At least the Comanches treated her well!

COLT is the third novel in The Texans series by author Georgina Gentry.  The books each stand alone, but the stories connect in some way to each other, although only in minor details.  The fourth book in The Texans will be the story of Travis Prescott, Hannah's son.  Previous titles are DIABLO (February 2010) and RIO (February 2011).  These books are based in fact and history and are wonderful stories!  COLT is the story of two courageous people who fight for what they believe in and find love in the process.  Enjoy!

Diana Risso