Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2419
ISBN: 978-0-373-73432-0
January 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City and the Country of Zorya Present Day

Billionaire Prince Leonid Voronov of Zorya and Kassandra Stavros had a passionate affair two years ago, but after he was severely injured in an accident, he broke things off with her despite the fact that she'd just told him she was pregnant. One day he appears on her doorstep, ready to claim his twin daughters, as if his absence has not mattered. Kassandra can't believe the nerve of the man, especially when she learns that the reason he wants their daughters in his life is to help him claim the throne of Zorya and having them living there with him will show his stability. No way is he just going to come back into her life and tell her what to do. Yet, even with all her anger toward Leonid, there's still a simmer of desire between them.

After the horrific car accident in which he wasn't sure he'd live or die, Leonid thought he was doing the right thing for Kassandra by pushing her away, even if she was pregnant. But with the opportunity to rule Zorya is presented to him, which would include financial incentives for his company, he realizes he will need to have his children by his side in order to present to the people that he's a stable and upstanding man. Leonid thought he could keep Kassandra at an arm's length, but the attraction between them is much too powerful.  But he is carrying secrets. Will he finally reveal the real reasons he pushed her away?

Leonid is a harsh man, but for whatever he did to hurt Kassandra he is a noble person. The accident was so bad that it's even hard to explain all that he went through without giving away spoilers. She thought their yearlong affair had been the love of a lifetime, only to hear him cut it down to nothing more than a fling that meant nothing to him. Even after two years the pain has not subsided for Kassandra, and she wasn't going to let him inflict that on her children. But he is persuasive, especially when he convinces her that they can have a platonic relationship in Zorya. However, the desire between them is too strong to resist the pull of the attraction. How long will it be before they're making wild and passionate love? Can Kassandra forgive Leonid for the heartache of pushing her away two years ago? Will he finally admit why he did it?

Steamy hot chemistry burns the pages of TWIN HEIRS TO THE THRONE by Olivia Gates. Readers will be pulled into the emotional drama unfolding as Leonid persuades Kassandra to let him back into her life. She doesn't trust him and worries that he'll take their daughters. Once in Zorya, will things change between them once again? The road to love is going to be tough, but in TWIN HEIRS TO THE THRONE, readers will soon be rooting for Leonid and Kassandra to find their happily-ever-after.

Patti Fischer