Pride of Zohayd, Book 2
Silhouette Desire #2069
February 2011
Series Romance

The Desert of Zohayd Present Day

Prince Harres Aal Shalaan is hidden, waiting and watching the desert cabin where his enemies, the Aal Ossaibis, are holding captive a traitor who could send Harres's family into war. As Zohayd's Minister of Interior, Prince Harres has everything technology offers at his disposal, but even with all that, he is here to free this prisoner and take him captive himself. His men are all around, waiting for his signal, but it is Harres who will risk his life rather than send his men to risk theirs. The conspiracy that will overthrow his father as the ruling head of Zohayd hinges on the rescue of Aal Ossaibis's prisoner, American reporter T. J. Burke.

The takeover and rescue of T.J. Burke has brought Harres a surprise. He has captured not a man, but a beautiful woman. They get out of the cabin and into Harres's waiting plane, only to crash somewhere in the vast ocean of sand. Now they are without communication and have only a meager stash of supplies as they set out on foot across the desert searching for the oasis Harres was heading to when they crashed. The woman, Talia, is a doctor, and it is her brother who is the keeper of the secrets Harres is after. Even so, they must survive, so they set out across miles of unforgiving sand that may well kill them before they reach safety.

TO TEMPT A SHEIKH is the second book in the Pride of Zohaydminiseries by Olivia Gates. In this installment of the Aal Shalaans, it is Prince Harres and Talia Burke fighting against each other and the elements. They find that they must work together to survive, where perhaps their hardest hurdle is trusting each other. Without trust they will surely die at the mercy of the elements.

The passion is real and explosive as Harres and Talia fight to endure as they work their way to safety. No one knows where they are; they have no way to call for help, and the technology Harres is so fond of offers no signal that might be found by a rescuer. For Talia, there is surely no hope, but still, she clings to the mercy of her captor and tries to ignore the passion she feels under Harres's smoldering gaze. Harres is enthralled by Talia's perseverance, and once he uncovers her secrets, he will take everything her eyes promise him. Many obstacles remain, but the imprisonment of her brother, Tod, is the largest, as Talia blames Harres.

Book one in Pride of Zohayd, TO TAME A SHEIKH (November 2010) begins the stories of the Princes of Zohayd, and the third Aal Shalaan brother, Amjad, will give us his tale, TO TOUCH A SHEIKH, in August 2011. Meanwhile, TO TEMPT A SHEIKH stands on its own merits, so don't miss it!

There is nothing better than man and woman alone against nature and falling in love while they fight to stay alive!

Diana Risso