Desert Knights Miniseries, Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2050
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-73178-7
June 2012
Series Romance

Kingdom of Azmahar Present Day

Prince Haidar Aal Shalaan has spent his life running away from the persona his mother cast for him. They call her the Demon Queen, and she was banished for her treachery. Now Haidar finds himself in the running for the throne of his mother's country, Azmahar. And it is a contest among three men to win the crown: Haidar; his twin brother, Jalal; or his cousin, Rashid. Even though he might want to escape his fate, Haidar won't be a political pawn. He will do what he must to fulfill his destiny. He will win the crown from his rivals.

Roxanne Gleeson walked out on Haidar over eight years ago. Now, she is a sought-after analyst working in the court of Azmahar. She still feels the pull of attraction for Haidar, especially now when he ends up on her doorstep shouting to all who will listen that she is his woman. The passion sizzles between them as the games begin. Haidar stakes his claim over Roxanne, and he will win, no matter what.

THE SHEIKH'S REDEMPTION is Haidar's struggle as he fights to overcome the shame of his mother's actions and the anger of Roxanne's betrayal after she walked out on him for his brother. Haidar will defeat the other contenders for the throne of Azmahar. He will have Roxanne in his bed again. Political intrigue coupled with passion brings us a story pulsing with life. The characters are dynamic, and the story is fraught with emotional tension.

Ms. Gates once again brings us the magnificence and splendor of a lush desert kingdom.

Diana Risso