Desert Knights Miniseries, Book 3
Silhouette Desire #2201
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-73214-2
December 2012
Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois and the Kingdom of Zohayd Present Day

From the moment Sheikh Rashid Aal Munsoori rescues Princess Laylah Aal Shalaan from certain death, their path is forged.  Laylah has always loved Rashid and tried for years to get his attention when they were children growing up.  To have him appear on the streets of Chicago and come out of the dark night to her rescue is indeed a surprise.  He never gave her a moment's glance until now.  And she does not intend to let him get away again.

Princess Laylah is Rashid's destiny.  His plans could not have worked out better; now he has the upper hand in Laylah's fate.  Rashid never intended to see her injured, but the two men who conveniently decided to kidnap her could not have planned their dirty deed at a better time.  Even though he might have been killed in the rescue, he's here, alive in the hospital emergency room.  Now all he has to do is get Laylah home to his apartment.

THE SHEIKH'S DESTINY has been planned by Rashid with great care, but he does not expect to fall in love with his target.  Up until now Laylah has been his one road leading to the throne of Azmahar, a blood tie that will seal his fate.  Once she is pregnant, there is no going back, but first he has to get her into his bed.

Rashid might have planned to trick Laylah into his life so he could win the throne, but Laylah wants nothing to do with marriage.  She'll go to his bed willingly; she's loved him for years, but she refuses to tie herself down to a man or go back to the country of her birth.  She left Zoyhad to start her own business in a place where she could be free; she refuses to go back.

The final book in The Desert Knights miniseries, THE SHEIKH'S DESTINY ties up a tale of intrigue, deception, and mystery as all the threads come together and the Kingdom of Azmahar gets its king.  Brothers, Jalal Aal Shalaan and Rajid Aal Shalaan, along with other characters from the previous two books, appear to round out the story.

A fitting and exciting end to this trilogy, THE SHEIKH'S DESTINY is a winner!

Diana Risso