Married By Royal Decree
Harlequin Desire #2231
ISBN: 978-0-373-73244-9
May 2013
Series Romance

“Get a wife. ASAP.”

When Vincenzio D'Agostino hears those words from his king, he is sure the man has lost his mind.  Unfortunately he has not.  If Vincenzio is to represent his country, he must get rid of his playboy reputation; a wife seems to be the fastest route to redeeming himself.  So, he must “get a wife…ASAP.”

Vincenzio is a man of science, and his playboy reputation is much overblown. In fact the last intimate relationship he had was six years ago with the only woman he has ever loved, and the one woman who betrayed him.   She is also the only woman he has never been able to forget.  Vincenzio determines to have her as his wife…at least temporarily. It will satisfy his king, and perhaps he will get her out of his system once and for all.

Glory Monaghan was devastated six years ago when Vincenzio ripped out her heart, discarded her, and made it clear what she thought they had together was never real.  Glory changed the course of her life after Vincenzio's brutal dismissal and has finally found some peace.  Her heart my still be shattered, but at least she no longer wallows in pain every day.

When Vincenzio enters Glory's life once again it is to offer a proposition she cannot refuse.  As much as she would like to throw his “temporary marriage” into his face, he has information that could destroy her family and threatens to use it unless she agrees to his “bargain.” Marriage for a year and not a single day more.

Glory is determined to protect her heart, but this Vincenzio is not the same man he was six years ago. Has he really changed, or is it all an act?  And even if he has changed, dare she trust him again?  Vincenzio is determined to get Glory out of his heart and mind if it is that last thing he does.  He's a logical man and is sure he will succeed.  But the feelings he had for Glory six years ago are still there.  Dare he trust her not to betray him again? Can he win her love, and if he does can he trust her?

Vincenzio is an interesting royal. He is royalty by birth but in actuality he is a brilliant scientist and businessman.  Glory was an idealistic young woman when she met and fell in love with Vincenzio, and his cruel dismissal left her wary of trusting.  Did Glory betray Vincenzio as he believes?  Can Vincenzio allow Glory into his life and trust her again?  Will this marriage be temporary, or will Glory and Vincenzio learn to leave the past behind and embrace the future and the love that neither truly let go?

And interesting premise and engaging characters move the story forward.  Definitely a character driven novel, the reader is privy to both Vincenzio's and Glory's innermost thoughts.  The path to happily ever after is not an easy one, but two determined lovers are sure to overcome the obstacles.  Romance and passion, a winning combination.

Terrie Figueroa