Married by Royal Decree , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2290
ISBN: 978-0-373-73303-3
March 2014
Series Romance

The Kingdom of Judar – Present Day

Mohab Aal Ghaanem has been obsessed for years with Jala Aal Masood, and he once had her for five months six years ago, only she inexplicably rejected him. Since then, while he has kept an eye on her from afar, he hasn't been able to get her to appear in the same room as he. Mohab uses the impending war between his family and hers to forge a possible truce—Jala has to agree to marry him. Of course, she fights his request because no one will force her to do anything, but his terms are unarguable. Will she agree to marry a man she hates?

Six years ago Jala ended her affair with Mohab after she learned she was just a pawn in his quest for revenge. No man would ever use her or humiliate her, so she ensured that she would not be in his presence ever, because being around reminded her how much she loved him. Now Jala is being forced into marrying Mohab, if she agrees, but are the terms too high a price? The attraction between them sizzles, and if he uses that to his advantage, then she is once again facing heartbreak, because Mohab is as despicable as he is desirable.

As SEDUCING HIS PRINCESS opens, it's high drama in Judar as they face a possible war with their neighboring country. Representing his family, Mohab uses the opportunity to get what he wants…Jala Aal Masood, Princess of Judar, as his bride. From the moment he met her years ago, he's been in love with her, but she threw that back in his face, even though he's not sure what happened. Jala has always been a spitfire, and when she realizes Mohab has her cornered with no possible escape, she remains one. Their relationship is fiery and passionate, and it doesn't take long before sex is on the plate between them. Can Jala keep Mohab at arm's length, or is she going to face heartbreak again when his true colors appear?

Mohab is a definite alpha male who manipulates a few things to get what he wants…Jala. Forget that he's forcing her into marriage, because in the end he'll have to concede a few things to her. Jala is strong and wants to remain independent, not only of Mohab but from everyone else. She might be a Judar Princess, but she has her family blood in her as do her brothers, and they will do whatever it takes to get their own way. Mohab and Jala are two headstrong people headed on a collision course. Can Mohab convince her of his love and win Jala?

Secrets are revealed in SEDUCING HIS PRINCESS and make for an intriguing read.

Patti Fischer