The Billionaires of Black Castle , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2345
ISBN: 978-0-373-73356-9
December 2014

Contemporary Series Romance

Japan – Present Day

Billionaire Raiden Kuroshiro is celebrating his engagement to the woman he feels will be the perfect wife when he senses someone entering the room and puts him on high alert. He doesn't know the woman, but he recognizes her scent: the woman who betrayed him and stole millions of dollars from him. Her face may be different, but Raiden knows it's her…and confronts her. Scarlett Delacroix doesn't deny she's had extensive plastic surgery to hide her looks, but as to why, she doesn't divulge to him. Even though Raiden should hate Scarlett for her betrayal, she still excites him sexually, and it doesn't take long before he takes her. And that has him wondering if his engagement to another woman is the right thing.

Scarlett knew coming to Raiden's engagement party might be risky, but she thought with her changed looks he wouldn't recognize her. Alas, he did, and proceeded to confront her and overwhelm her with the chemistry they had years ago.  They're soon having an affair, and he wants to know why she did what she did. Slowly and surely the truth comes out—and the more he knows, the greater he wants to protect her. But will getting involved with her be the right thing. or will it leave them in danger?

Olivia Gates has penned a dark and emotional tale in SCANDALOUSLY EXPECTING HIS CHILD as Raiden's tormented childhood makes him a scarred hero. He's approaching marriage as a business arrangement that will produce the necessary heir, but he's not in love with his fiancée. The arrival of Scarlett at the party has his attention focused on her to the point that he neglects his fiancée. Bedding Scarlett, Raiden initially planned to only continue the affair until he gets married, but as the days—and nights—continue, he wonders if he can convince her to continue their fling past the wedding.

Scarlett's past is almost as tortured as Raiden's, but she doesn't reveal the whole truth to him until late in SCANDALOUSLY EXPECTING HIS CHILD. He comes on strong to her, nearly forcing himself onto her because he wants her badly, even as he tells her that he hates her from what she did to him years ago. Their relationship starts out love/hate, but the sexual attraction burns hotter than a volcano.  Readers who love an ultra alpha hero will find that Raiden fits the bill. But his aggressive attitude sometimes was too strong for my liking.

This tale is part of The Billionaires of Black Castle , a series about a group of children who were kidnapped from their families and put into slavery. They finally escaped and, as adults, became billionaires and lifelong friends. SCANDALOUSLY EXPECTING HIS CHILD features several appearances from the men, and while this tale could be read alone, I recommend reading the first one, FROM ENEMY'S DAUGHTER TO EXPECTANT BRIDE, to learn the men's background from the start.

Sizzling sex scenes and strong men rule the intriguing SCANDALOUSLY EXPECTING HIS CHILD.

Patti Fischer