The Billionaires of Black Castle , Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2471
ISBN: 978-0-373-73484-9
September 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Los Angeles, California – Present Day

Research scientist Dr. Liliana Accardi is unhappy that the company she works for has been acquired by billionaire Antonio Balducci because she fears her research project will get lost in such a big company. When Antonio shows up to talk to his new employees, he zeros in on Lili and insists they meet to discuss the company's projects. The man is devastatingly attractive and she fears she'll be drawn into an affair and then discarded with no job. Yet, there's no denying there is a strong attraction between them.

But Lili doesn't know that Antonio is targeting her for a reason. He was given up for adoption by one of Lili's distant relatives as an infant, and he wants to use her to infiltrate her family and destroy them. She is an easy target because of her job at her company (he can use that to hold over her) and because she just recently has had contact from her estranged father after years of alienation. Lili quickly falls under Antonio's spell, but surprisingly, he begins to care for her. He proposes, and his plan is perfectly put into action. But will he regret it once she finds out the truth?

BILIONAIRE BOSS, M.D. is a bit of a complicated tale with plenty of emotional drama. Lili is basically alone in the world after her mother's death except for a father who had been absent in her life. She's an easy target for Antonio to use to destroy his mother's family. He has banded with a group of other men, and they call themselves the billionaires of Black Castle because of the place where they met—and were tortured. They all have built spectacular lives and become wealthy, but this isn't enough as they seek revenge on their families for giving them up. This is the basis for The Billionaires of Black Castle series, of which BILLIONAIRE BOSS, M.D. is the fifth book. What starts out as revenge, soon turns to love.

Antonio is also a doctor and is available to his comrades 24/7 when they need medical care. Lili is a dedicated scientist who doesn't want her research projects to end, which is something she fears will happen with the new company. To her surprise, Antonio appears supportive of her, yet there is a price to be paid: he wants her. Will she give in just so she can keep her job? If she does, will she end up falling hard for the enigmatic billionaire?

Readers will find Antonio in BILLIONAIRE BOSS, M.D. pretty much an ultra-alpha male. He overpowers Lili, and there is very little she can do but bend to his demands. But in the end, she has him wrapped around her little finger. When the secrets are revealed, there's going to be an explosive confrontation.  An interesting tale, grab a copy of BILLIONAIRE BOSS, M.D to find out what happens.

Patti Fischer