FAST TRACK – Julie Garwood
Dutton Adult
ISBN: 978-0-525-95445-3 Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-698-15715-6 e-Book
August 2014
Romantic Suspense

Chicago, Illinois, and Sydney, Australia, the Present

Cordelia (Cordie) Kane was raised by a loving father who began as a garage mechanic and ended up with a chain of almost fifty companies. Andrew Kane taught Cordie all about cars from an early age, but he let her choose her own direction in life. Today she has a PhD in biochemistry and teaches at a boys' high school, where her students love her and her father. Though her father is her only family, Cordie began gathering a circle of friends in kindergarten, and they remain close to this day. Her classmates, Sophie and Regan, are since married, both to members of the FBI, Jack and Alec. Then there are Regan's three brothers, Aiden, Spencer, and Walker Madison. Though Aiden was twelve to Cordie's five when they met, she developed a crush on him that still lingers today. Aiden is CEO of the family chain of Madison luxury hotels.

When Cordie's beloved father dies, her friends rally around to support her, and, as things turn out, she is going to need them badly. Before he drew his last breath, her father made some cryptic remarks to Cordie about the story of her mother's death when Cordie was two. More information was found in her father's safety deposit box…news both stunning and dangerous.

Full of suspense, both romantic and dangerous, and with a wealth of great characters and relationships, FAST TRACK will please Ms. Garwood's many fans and anyone else lucky enough to get a copy. Don't miss it.

Jane Bowers