Harlequin Desire #2248
ISBN: 978-0-373-73261-6
August 2013
Series Romance

San Antonio, Texas – Present Day

Molly Devaney's best friend in the world is billionaire (and uber sexy) Julian Gage and she would do anything for him. But right now she needs him to do something for her. At a recent masquerade party, Molly shared a stolen kiss with Julian's brother Garrett and she knew then that he was her soul mate. Problem is getting Garrett to see this, so Molly has this idea that she will have Julian pretend that they're lovers to make his brother jealous. While Julian is flabbergasted at her request, he agrees, but lets her know that their ruse has to be convincing. Molly is going to have to move in with him and let him kiss her so that their relationship appears real.

An orphaned Molly and her sister, Kate, moved in with the Gage family when they were very young and have been raised like little sisters next to the Gage brothers. Julian and Molly had an immediate connection and have always been there for each other, but he was warned years ago by his mother to not think of Molly as anything other than a friend. He's honored that request and has spent his adulthood going from one woman to another. Now with Molly's request that they act as lovers, Julian is wondering how he can stand <I style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal">his girl wanting his brother.  Living in close quarters stirs up desires between them—but it all comes to a head when Molly learns just exactly which brother she really kissed the night of the masquerade ball…

A fun, engaging romance, WRONG MAN, RIGHT KISS is a friends to lovers romance from the sizzling pen of Red Garnier. Molly adores Julian and has watched his one-night stands trot in and out of his life. His attractiveness is a magnet for the attention of a bevy of woman, and Molly has convinced herself that it's best that they just remain friends because she doesn't want to lose their closeness. Her comfortableness with him has Molly turning to the one person she trusts to help her out—Julian—though she never expected to suddenly feel attracted to him after seeing him in only his underwear or experiencing his intoxicating kisses. Is she playing with fire?

Julian is a tad annoyed that Molly has set her sights on Garrett, but goes along with the charade because he is afraid she would look elsewhere for help. He didn't expect that having Molly under his roof would prove to be distracting—or that he would want more than kisses. Can he convince her that she's making a big mistake going after Garrett? Can he make her see that the only person she should have eyes for is…him?

As a fan of friends/lovers tales, I thoroughly enjoyed WRONG MAN, RIGHT KISS, and add in a bit of humor, it ends up being a book I highly recommend. The chemistry between Molly and Julian sizzles and when they come together in a night of passion, you better be prepared to have an icy cold drink at hand. Grab this tantalizing tale before it's off the bookshelves.

Patti Fischer