SUNDAY KIND OF LOVE – Dorothy Garlock
Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4555-2740-3 (Hardcover)
August 2016
Historical Romance

Buckton, Indiana, 1956

Ten years ago when she was ten, Gwendolyn Foster watched a man bully a woman. She made a vow then that when she grew up she would only look for good men. It seems now that she has found one in Chicago. Kent Brookings is handsome and charming, an ambitious attorney with good prospects in his law firm. His only fault is that he doesn't take her ambitions to be a writer seriously. Gwen takes him home to meet her family. At her home in Buckton, he charms her whole family, then at the dinner table he announces they are getting married! Whoa! He had never proposed to her, and they had never settled how they would meld their two careers.

Hank Ellis is held in contempt—with only a very few exceptions—by the whole town. They blame him for driving drunk and killing his popular younger brother in an accident not long after their mother died. His father had sunk into the whiskey bottle when that happened, so Hank took over and runs the furniture making business.

Gwen and Hank meet in a very dramatic way, and become friends . . . very much against her parents' wishes and everyone's advice.

Dorothy Garlock knows how to create real characters one can care about and sympathize with. She brings the small town to life, but don't expect everyone to be likable . . . but do expect suspense. You'll be on pins and needles, not just concerning what happens between Gwen and Hank and Kent, but also about other doings in town.

I hadn't read Ms. Garlock in a long time; this was a welcome treat.

Jane Bowers