BY STARLIGHT – Dorothy Garlock
Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-446-54011-7
August 2012
Historical Romance

Colton, Montana, 1931

It's the midst of the Great Depression, and Maddy Aldridge is doing her best to care for her family. She's taken over the mercantile since her father has been bed-ridden. Helen, her younger sister, is a help in the store and in caring for their father, but business is not good. In desperation, she agreed to let Jeffers Grimm—not a nice guy—open a speakeasy in the store's cellar in exchange for a partnership. Various men have been interested in Maddy over the years, but none measure up to Jack Rucker. When Jack left for two years of higher education in Boston, he promised to come back so they could marry. That was almost seven years ago…with no word from him at all.

Boston opened Jack's eyes to the big world. He never forgot Maddy, but life in a small town holds nothing for him anymore. Jack is an ambitious undercover agent for the Bureau of Prohibition. After winding up a successful case in Washington State, he's ordered to his hometown of Colton where a smuggling ring is reported to be bringing in booze from Canada. His cover story is that he's scouting for land for a developer. In all his imaginings of returning home, it was never as a policeman. He has no idea if Maddy still waits for him, or whether she hates him.

BY STARLIGHT is an emotional tale of two people in an almost impossible situation. Jack soon learns that Maddy is mixed up in illegal activity, and he can't tell her why he's in town. Can he save Maddy from prison and still do his job? Maddy still loves Jack, no matter her years of hurt.

Dorothy Garlock has made the early twentieth-century her own and has another winner in her latest novel. BY STARLIGHT is available in hardcover, paperback, e-book and audio. You can't go wrong in any format.

Jane Bowers