Miami Nights , Book 1
Silhouette Desire #2068
ISBN: 978-0-373-73081-0
February 2011
Series Romance

Miami, Florida Present Day

Millionaire nightclub owner Nate Stern has a policy of not dating his employees, but when he meets dance instructor Jen Miller for the first time, sparks fly. Jen is beautiful, sensual and not the least bit impressed in sucking up to Nate. They do hit it off and spend a magical night together that neither really wants to see end. But Nate is strict about there being no entanglements with women. He's a bachelor intent on remaining one. Yet, he can't get enough of Jen.

After a scandal ruined her professional dancing reputation, Jen welcomed the chance to teach others how to dance at the Stern brothers' nightclub. She's well aware that Nate's a player, so when he comes on to her, she tries to take it in stride. What's one night of passion between them, as long as she doesn't lose her job? But as much as she tries to keep things casual between them, the harder it is not to fall in love with Nate. Will Jen's heart be broken by a man who isn't into commitments?

The rocking, sensual beat of the Miami nightclub scene provides the setting for TAMING THE VIP PLAYBOY. Jen had dedicated her life to professional dancing until the scandal left her suspended and licking her wounds. Working at Luna Azul, the nightclub owned by Nate and his brothers, Cam and Justin, provides what she hopes is temporary employment until she can return to professional dancing. Nate is the club's Casanova, constantly seen on the arms of rich, beautiful women, and Jen figures she can't hold a candle to the women who normally keep Nate's interest. But a fling would be a fun interlude, as long as she doesn't take him seriously. Too bad her heart has other ideas!

Nate had been burned by love once and has no intention of giving his heart to any woman. Jen is sexy and sassy. Soon they're spending time together where he gets insight into her personal life. Yet he realizes that the more he's around her, the more he's asking for trouble. He tries to act casual, but there isn't anything casual about the intense feelings which develop between them. The love scenes in TAMING THE VIP PLAYBOY are filled with smoking hot sensuality. Their chemistry burns right off the pages even as Nate and Jen fight their mutual attraction.

Book one of the Miami Nights series has the Little Havana area of Miami for a backdrop, and Katherine Garbera sets the stage for stories about the three sexy Stern brothers. I can't wait to see what's in store for Cam and Justin.

Looking for a fun, sexy read to warm up your nights? Then be sure to grab a copy of TAMING THE VIP PLAYBOY because it will definitely fit the bill.

Patti Fischer