READY FOR HER CLOSE-UP – Katherine Garbera
Matchmakers, Inc ., Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2160
ISBN: 978-0-373-73173-2
May 2012
Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Billionaire Russell Holloway and PR rep Gail Little have both tried the dating market with little success. Friends who own a reality TV matchmaking show convince them to join the show as their newest protégé couple. Gail hasn't dated much in the past couple of years and doesn't think she has anything in common with the New Zealand entrepreneur, who is notorious for having many flings. Yet they hit it off, though with some trepidation on her part. Russell makes Gail feel like a desirable, cherished woman. She plans to take it slow, but how will she react when she learns the real reason Russell is doing the show?

Russell has a huge deal banking on his appearing to be a family-type businessman to a potential seller and isn't looking for any commitment to a woman. Gail strikes the right chords for him, with her calm, professional attitude—and her quiet beauty. He's aware she wants a man to start a family with, but he isn't going to be that man, though an affair is certainly in order. When an old flame accuses him of being the father to her baby, how is Russell going to handle the bad publicity affecting his business deal and his relationship with Gail—with television cameras watching his every move?

An unusual and interesting tale, READY FOR HER CLOSE-UP focuses on a show similar to The Bachelor , only a matchmaking company chooses the couple they think will strike sparks off each other and follow them around with cameras. Gail is a success in her own right, but feels the fertility time clock inching closer to an end. While Russell isn't (in her mind) the right candidate, she goes along with the producers. They are allowed some off camera “getting to know each other” time, which allows Gail and Russell to have an explosive, passionate encounter on a yacht. But this scares Gail, because she's already made up her mind that she's going to walk away from him when her contract is up. For Russell, he's busy handling the nasty ex who's gone to the press with her woebegone story of being abandoned, his touchy business deal, and trying to woo Gail so that his public image comes out unscathed. But he is also stunned by his reaction to Gail. He doesn't want to give her up, even though he may have to once he reveals his hidden secret…

Katherine Garbera introduces a new series, Matchmakers, Inc ., with READY FOR HER CLOSE-UP. It revolves around the reality television series mentioned above. Readers will get some hints as to possible future main characters for upcoming books. Ms. Garbera has indeed plotted an intriguing series that will capture readers' attention. For some excellent reading fun, grab a copy of READY FOR HER CLOSE-UP before it disappears off the shelves.

Patti Fischer