ONE MORE KISS Katherine Garbera
Harlequin Blaze #732
ISBN: 978-0-373-79736-3
January 2013
Series Romance

San Diego, California Present Day

Marine Corps sniper specialist Jay Michener married Alysse Dresden during a whirlwind Las Vegas romance, but by the end of the week he'd walked out, leaving her to pick up the pieces of her heart. During the ensuing four years, Alysse has moved on to become a baker and now co-owns a bakery in San Diego. A mysterious phone call one day for a last minute dessert to be delivered to a hotel leads her to Jay, who hasn't been able to forget about the woman he'd abandoned. While Alysse isn't happy to see Jay at first, she can't deny the sparks still fly between them and agrees to a night together. Their one night turns into another, and soon they're settling into a routine that almost seems like it could lead to permanency, but Jay makes it clear he doesn't plan to be tied down to anyone.

Jay is a Marine at heart and has made it his life. He finds it hard to settle down, while Alysse not only has a business in San Diego, but is buying a home. The thought of leaving the safe haven of the military and settling down has Jay scared, yet the more he's around Alysse, the harder it becomes to say goodbye to her. Jay has to soon decide whether he's going to re-enlist, thus leaving her behind, or start a new life, perhaps with her. It's a decision that he's finding difficult to make.

The moment Jay and Alysse met in Las Vegas they fell hard for each other. On a whim, they married, but the last morning of their week in Vegas, Jay got cold feet and walked away leaving Alysse behind. His act angered her, and she has carried these feeling around with her all these years. When he sneakily lures her to the hotel on the pretext of an emergency dessert order, she's ticked at him, but that is soon forgotten as the sex certainly is as good as it ever was between them. Alysse wants permanency from Jay, but he's not giving her the answer she wants. He does try a temporary job, but it's a far cry from scoping out the enemy with his rifle. Jay is restless, and Alysse is getting impatient with his waffling, feeling that he's playing with her emotions. Will love win in the end?

ONE MORE KISS is a second chance for Jay and Alysse to find out if the fiery passion they discovered four years ago for one wild, delirious week is still there and if they can now make it work. Jay is more comfortable with a gun in his arms than he is telling a woman he loves her. All Alysse wants is a man she can depend on, but is Jay the right man for her? Sensuality explodes between them once they meet again, and they can't get enough of each other, yet it's like they're on borrowed time. In ONE MORE KISS, can they work things out for a forever kind of relationship? Discover for yourself in this sizzling and entertaining tale from Katherine Garbera.

Patti Fischer