Sons of Privilege , Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2448
ISBN: 978-0-373-73461-0
May 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Carmel, California – Present Day

Former football star and CEO Hunter Caruthers is determined to find the person who is responsible for the murder of his college girlfriend ten years ago, a crime that Hunter was initially charged with. He has spent the years trying to ignore the innuendos implying that he and his best friend, Kingsley Buchanan, had been mistakenly cleared of the murder. A possible piece of the puzzle might be solved if he can look at videos his college coach kept of practices and other activities during that time. But the coach has had several strokes and is currently being guarded by his daughter, Ferrin Gainer, more securely than Fort Knox. Maybe it's time for Hunter to turn on the charms and plan a game of seduction.

Ferrin never had a great relationship with her dad, but she's there to help nurse him back to health. When Hunter shows up on her father's doorstep wanting to look at some of the old videos, she doesn't see a problem, but her father is opposed. She will do whatever her father wants…but Hunter is very persuasive. Hunter acts like a concerned former student athlete of her father's and is attentive towards her, but is it just so he can get close to what he wants?

HIS SEDUCTION GAME PLAN is sort of a continuation of HIS BABY AGENDA as the storyline revolves around the unsolved murder ten years ago when Hunter and Kingsley were in college and accused of the crime. They want to solve it, and are desperate to check any areas they haven't, and this leads them to their old coach. Is there some evidence that can be found in the videos? Hunter is attracted to Ferrin right from the moment he meets her, even though she is keeping him from something he wants. He figures a seduction will be easy, yet the more he's around her, the greater his guilt at possibly deceiving her becomes. Can he get what he wants without hurting her?

Ferrin wasn't around her father much the past several years, and she's trying to be the “good daughter” in taking care of him even though he rebuffs some of her attempts. Ferrin doesn't realize at first that Hunter is one of the “Frat House” kids accused of murder ten years ago, but once she learns this info, it only temporarily cools the attraction she feels for him. She is somewhat reluctant to get involved with him, because she isn't into football or any sports, something he loves, obviously. Yet there is this zing of desire between them whenever they're around each other. Maybe a little fling to cool the lust?

Katherine Garbera has penned a sexy tale in HIS SEDUCTION GAME PLAN that is combined with a bit of a whodunit. Will Hunter and Kingsley uncover the truth to who murdered the coed? Can Hunter get over the anger he felt being falsely accused in the first place? Ferrin plans to return to her home in Texas soon, so will this end their affair once everything is resolved in HIS SEDUCTION GAME PLAN? Find out the answer in this enthralling tale that you won't want to miss.

Patti Fischer