HIS INSTANT HEIR – Katherine Garbera
Baby Business , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2249
ISBN: 978-0-373-73262-3
August 2013
Series Romance

Los Angeles, California – Present Day

With her family's business in the midst of a takeover by a longtime rival company, Cari Chandler is about to come face to face with someone from her past—who happens to be part of the takeover group and her baby's daddy. Two years ago, Cari and Declan “Dec” Montrose had a steamy one-night stand, and when she discovered she was pregnant, she made the decision to keep the paternity a secret. But now Cari realizes she is probably going to have to tell Dec about it…and face the repercussions.

As the adopted child of a Montrose, Dec has always felt a little disjointed—not really family—around his cousins, so with the impending takeover of the Chandler company, he can finally prove to them and himself that he belongs. Once he meets Cari again—and yes, he hasn't forgotten their passionate one-night fling two years ago—desire for her rises again. But then she reveals that he has a son. Talk about getting sideswiped with the last thing he expects, especially since he already had misgivings about ever getting married. But Cari and his son, DJ, are now an important part of his life. Will it change how he deals with the takeover of the Chandlers' company?

Cari had waffled for a while about whether to contact Dec following the birth of DJ, but since she never heard from him again after their night together, she figured he was part of the past. She knew who he was, but he didn't contact her further, not knowing that he was living in Australia. She wants him to get to know his son, though she admits that having him around rekindles the old feelings she once had, even if it was a one-night stand. While Dec isn't sure how he will handle being a daddy, soon he finds himself becoming entrenched in family life—which includes Cari. Can he make the transition from business mogul to working daddy?

First in the Baby Business series from Katherine Garbera, HIS INSTANT HEIR revolves around a business battle that began years ago between Cari's and Dec's grandfathers when they were partners, only to have Cari's grandfather force Dec's grandfather out of the company. Since that time, the Montrose family has been hell-bent on winning back the company and destroying the Chandlers. It's now within their grasp, but will the baby connection throw a wrench into their plans?

After a slam bang one-night fling two years ago, Cari and Dec approach their new “relationship” slowly to see if they can make a go of a future together, even if it means their only connection is with their son. Yet, it doesn't take long before Cari is falling in love, and Dec is well on his way also, but he fears commitment. Swirling around them is the impending business takeover. Can Dec and Cari make the right decisions about their futures—both together and in the company? Pick up HIS INSTANT HEIR to find out the fascinating answer to this question.

Patti Fischer