HIS BABY AGENDA – Katherine Garbera
Sons of Privilege , Book 4
Billionaires and Babies
Harlequin Desire #2438
ISBN: 978-0-373-73451-1
April 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Along the Northern California Coast – Present Day

Ten years ago while in college, Kingsley Buchanan and Gabi de la Cruz had a one-night stand, but any chance of a future together ended when Kingsley and his best friend Hunter was arrested the next morning and charged with murder. Kingsley rejected Gabi that day, and she's never forgotten it. The murder charges were eventually dropped, but he's forever been labeled as one of the “frat murderers.” Now a retired football star and billionaire, Kingsley is back in California to raise his son, and, with Hunter's assistance, find out who was the real killer. First thing he needs, though, is a nanny for his three year old motherless son. The best person for the job turns out to be Gabi.

Gabi is running a nanny service and is stunned when Kingsley arrives at her business and requests that she move into his mansion to look after his son. She decides to play it cool and agrees, hoping things between them can remain businesslike. But the fiery passion that overtook them in college soon reignites. Dare she resist a man she never forgot? Like a lot of people, she wonders if he really did kill the girl that night ten years ago. Is she putting her life—and heart—in danger by getting involved with a possible killer?

A whodunit mixed in with reunited former lovers fills the pages of HIS BABY AGENDA by Katherine Garbera. Kingsley and Gabi were attracted to each other in college, but the night they finally made love is a night neither will forget. A young woman was murdered, and Kingsley and Hunter were the prime suspects. Despite being cleared of the charges and going on to have successful careers, their lives have been a living hell since. People believe they are killers and shun them. The two men have a plan of revenge and are currently asking a lot of questions about the night of the murder. Gabi has her doubts, and wonders if she is opening herself to trouble by getting involved with Kingsley. But the man is hotter than hades, and makes it clear he still wants her. The two soon drift into an affair (she didn't try too hard to resist him), but more questions arise. What is the truth ?

HIS BABY AGENDA does have a small child in it, namely Kingsley's son, Connor, who immediately takes to Gabi and her to him. While a precocious kid can dampen any romantic interlude, our couple has plenty of time to enjoy interludes between the sheets. Their lovemaking is sizzling hot, just as the murder mystery is intriguing. Kingsley felt there were things left unsaid between him and Gabi, and he wants to make things right. But with his past hanging over him, he can't promise her a future. Will he fall in love with her and change his mind?

Readers who love a bit of a whodunit with romance will surely enjoy HIS BABY AGENDA. I know I certainly did, and for that reason, I highly recommend that you put this tale at the top of your reading list.

Patti Fischer