CARRYING A KING'S CHILD – Katherine Garbera
Dynasties: The Montoros , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2378
ISBN: 978-0-373-73391-0
June 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Miami and Key West, Florida – Present Day

When Miami billionaire Rafe Montoro learned that he may have to accept the request of Alma, his family's former country, to return there and rule as the king, he escaped to Key West to mull over what to do. Would family duty override what he wanted? In Key West he met bartender Emily Fielding, and they embarked on a wild weekend of sex. Weeks later, Rafe has decided to accept the request to become king and is about to leave for Alma when Emily shows up to announce that she's pregnant…with his child. Now Rafe is torn between his obligations to his country and to the baby Emily's carrying. The constitution states that he must marry a woman with blue blood, and she doesn't meet the requirements. What shall he do now?

Raised by a single mother, Emily is prepared to raise her child on her own, but wanted Rafe to know about the baby since she never knew her own father's name. She is surprised that he is even thinking about changing his mind to be the ruler and makes it clear to him that she won't marry him just for the baby's sake. Rafe embarks on a campaign to woo Emily and get her to change her mind, but she's stubborn. Add in the fact that he will likely have to give up his claim on the crown if he does marry her, does she want to ruin his future? Emily is content to raise their baby alone, but is this okay by Rafe?

An unexpected pregnancy as the result of a weekend fling is the headline in CARRYING A KING'S CHILD by Katherine Garbera. Rafe ended up in Key West to forget about the obligations being put on his shoulders after a coup in his country had his royal family being invited back to rule. He's been content all these years building the family company into a successful empire. His father (who can't rule due to a technicality) and his siblings are encouraging him to step up, but to do so will result in the loss of his privacy and infringe on his freedom. Emily is a free spirit, and he's swept up into her life as he works on wooing and convincing her to marry him.

Emily is independent, but sometimes it forces her to keep men like Rafe at an arm's length. What she feels for him is something she's never experienced before with a man, and the sex between them gets better and hotter. But if she agrees to marry him, would she regret her part in his giving up the crown? Can she let a man into her life when she's always only depended on herself?  What about the fact that she's slowly and surely falling in love with him when she's promised herself never to do so?

In CARRYING A KING'S CHILD, readers will find a hotter than usual Desire tale. It seems whenever Rafe and Emily are around each other, they can't keep their hands off each other. But is sex clouding the issue at hand…what is the best decision to be made for the child? Part of the Dynasties: The Montoros series, readers who haven't read the first one in the series, MINDING HER BOSS'S BUSINESS, might feel a little lost as to who Rafe and his family are, but CARRYING A KING'S CHILD could possibly be read as a standalone. As for Rafe's decision…you'll have to read to find out what he decides.

A steamy and enjoyable tale that is one of June's best Desires, grab CARRYING A KING'S CHILD and get ready to immerse yourself in some riveting reading.

Patti Fischer