BOUND BY A CHILD – Katherine Garbera
Baby Business , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2286
ISBN: 978-0-373-73299-9
February 2014
Series Romance

Manteo, North Carolina – Present Day

Allan McKinney and Jessi Chandler are adversaries after Allan's family recently took over the Chandler business. But there is also a link between them when they tangled at a wedding between mutual friends years ago. Allan's family holds the key to Jessi's future in the company, but all that is pushed aside when they get the news that their friends have died in a car accident, leaving behind an infant girl. As the godparents, Jessi and Allan can raise the girl, Hannah, but can they work together? It doesn't help that there's plenty of sexual tension between them, though they swear that sex between them would be a mistake.

Arriving in North Carolina from California to claim Hannah and bury their friends, an impending storm has both Jessi and Allan feeling as if they're on a race to complete all they need to do before it arrives. But the judicial system doesn't work fast enough, so they end up hunkered down as the hurricane rolls in. Meanwhile, a heightened sexual awareness rises and while sleeping together might complicate their mutual parenting and business plans, it can't be denied. The sex is great, but it's only while they're in North Carolina, right?

There's a lot going on in BOUND BY A CHILD, but all Jessi and Allan can currently concern themselves about it is their little godchild, Hannah. Allan's cousins gobbled up the Chandler company months ago as a form of revenge because they feel Jessi's grandfather stole the company years ago from their family. Allan feels grateful for the opportunity to be part of the company, but has heard—and seen—plenty from the Chandler sisters. Jessi is supposed to be working on a proposal that determines whether she can keep her position at the company, but the emergency in North Carolina and the hurricane bearing down on them is putting a lot of pressure on her. She tries to appeal to Allan's sympathetic nature, but he's firmly behind his cousins. Of course, sleeping together will not change anything…or will it?

Minor characters are Jessi's sisters Emma and Cari, the latter of whom is engaged to Allan's cousin, Declan Montrose. But the one person who is a big thorn in Jessi's life is Kell Montrose. The man makes her life miserable and appears ready to set her up for fail. Will Jessi manage to overcome the obstacles that Kell and life has put in front of her?

There's just something about a hurricane and unforeseen circumstances that force a couple together when they're rather not be around each other. In BOUND BY A CHILD, a motherless girl is thrown into the mix, and Jessi and Allan learn a lot about each other—and themselves. An intriguing romance with a couple forced to work together, watch as Jessi and Allan fall in love in BOUND BY A CHILD.

Patti Fischer