A CASE OF KISS AND TELL – Katherine Garbera
Matchmakers, Inc ., Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2177
ISBN: 978-0-373-73190-9
August 2012
Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

To further her career, Nichole Reynolds needs to land an interview with billionaire bachelor Conner Macafee and get the scoop on his business and the man himself. Just as Nichole is determined to snag Conner, he is just as determined to stymie her. He has no problems attracting women, so Nichole is surprised when he counteroffers her request for an interview with a demand that she share his bed and become his mistress for a month. Dare she sleep with him to get the exclusive interview?

Conner doesn't like to deal with the media after his family was hit with a scandal involving his late father when he was younger. But Nichole has him intrigued, and he figures if he charms her into his bed he can persuade her to stop her plans to run a story on him and the company he owns, Matchmakers, Inc. To say he is pleased when she agrees to become his mistress for a month is an understatement. He can't wait to get her into his bed.  But desire becomes insatiable once Conner and Nichole make love. Emotions flare and passion abounds. Can they keep their relationship strictly business during the day even as they share a bed at night?

Conner runs a conglomerate that includes Matchmakers, Inc., a company that matches couples for marriage. After a recent television show highlighted the company's success, it put the spotlight on one of America's top bachelors…Conner.  After the scandal that put his family at the top of the news forced his mother to take Conner and his sister, Jane, into hiding as children, he has no plans to share his innermost thoughts with any news reporter—even if Nichole is beautiful and he finds her intriguingly challenging. But Conner will only consider an affair with Nichole and has no plans to marry.

Sleeping with her subject to land a big story may be a bit unethical, but for Nichole she is desperate to prove she can play with the top reporters. Using Conner's attraction to her should let her get close enough to land the interview and get her name into the national spotlight. Yet she can't deny the attraction is mutual and one shared kiss only sways her to accept his offer. She tells herself that she can become his mistress and then walk away after it's over. Too bad her heart has a mind of its own. The sex between them sizzles and makes her realize how tough it is going to be to keep from falling in love with the confirmed bachelor.

Katherine Garbera's writing sizzles in A CASE OF KISS AND TELL as Conner and Nichole square off over the story. He wants the power to control what she reveals, and Nichole is just as determined to get what she wants—and not face heartbreak. An intriguing battle lies ahead for Conner and Nichole in A CASE OF KISS AND TELL. See how it all shapes up in this tantalizing tale.

Patti Fischer