SHADOW SILENCE - Yasmine Galenorn
A Whisper Hollow Novel , Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-515-15625-6
October 2016
Paranormal Romance

Whisper Hollow, Washington - Present Day

In the two months since Kerris Fellwater returned to Whisper Hollow, she's uncovered the truth about her parents, found out the truth about her heritage, become the spirit shaman, and met the man of her dreams.  Kerris knows she has a lot left to learn, but with the help of Bryan, her guardian as well as her lover; Ivy, the grandmother she never knew about, and the rest of the Crescent Moon Society, Kerris is slowly finding her way through her new role as the spirit shaman.

When Kerris's best friend, Peggin, has to find a new place to live, she chooses an abandoned house on Crescent Lake.  Those who live in Whisper Hollow know to beware the lake as well as the Lady of the Lake.  Too many people have been lost to the Lady, and Peggin living close makes Kerris very nervous.  When Peggin is targeted by the Lady, it will be up to Kerris and her friends to figure out a way to save her.

Whisper Hollow is a town unlike any other, and its residents know that there are a few rules you follow without question.  In SHADOW SILENCE, Peggin learns how dangerous it is to tempt the Lady, and Kerris learns more about her legacy.  Kerris left home at eighteen, unable to bear her abusive grandfather anymore, so her training as the next spirit shaman was delayed.  She's had a crash course in magic and the basics that she needs to know to survive, but it's been a pretty eventful couple of months.  In addition to helping Peggin with the Lady, Kerris is also working to stop Magda and the Cú Chulainn Hounds from taking over the town.

The second book in the Whisper Hollow series, SHADOW SILENCE has quite a cast of characters, most of whom were introduced in the first book.  It may be a good idea to read the books in order, so that you can meet everyone and learn the backstory to the town.  Yasmine Galenorn has once again created a fantastical paranormal world, peopled with intriguing characters.  Be sure to check out the captivating SHADOW SILENCE.

Jennifer Bishop