SHADED VISION - Yasmine Galenorn
An Otherworld Novel , Book 11
Jove Books
ISBN: 978-0-515-15035-3
February 2012
Paranormal Romance

Seattle, Washington - Present Day

With their friend Iris's wedding the next day, Delilah D'Artigo and her sisters are hoping for a quiet, uneventful night.  Well, as quiet and uneventful as a bachelorette party should be.  Of course, she should have known better—Delilah, fascinated by the fringe hanging from the male stripper's g-string can't control her shift into her panther form, and then Iris, who has been suffering from morning sickness all day long, ends up throwing up all over him.  Their night of partying comes to a sobering end when they learn that there was an explosion at the Supe Community Council that killed at least five Supes (Otherworldly beings). 

With hate crimes against the Supes on the rise, Delilah and her group of demon fighters have a possible explanation for the bombing.  Yet, one of the victims is the sister of Marion Vespa, a coyote shifter who has helped the sisters in the past.  Marion wonders if, because she is the one who revealed the existence of a group of evil coyote shifters named the Koyanni, she has been targeted.  Two of the Koyanni—Van and Jaycee—escaped the last time the sisters battled them, and Delilah believes they are behind the latest attack.  Once again Delilah and her sisters, along with their various lovers and friends, will have to battle demons and save Earthside from evil.

At a time when the D'Artigo sisters want nothing more than to celebrate the good in their lives, they are again facing the bad in SHADED VISION.  Iris Kuusi is a Finnish house sprite who has been living with the sisters for two years, and has become family to them.  She is also a Priestess of Undutar who has faced some trials of her own, and is finally free to marry the Leprechaun she fell in love with.  Delilah wants the day to be special for Iris, but duty calls, and she and her sisters have to juggle their wedding duties with their demon hunting responsibilities.  There have been many changes in the lives of the D'Artigo sisters, and for Delilah, some of those changes mean growing up.  She has always counted on her sister Camille to be the strong one, but recent events have shown that Camille has vulnerabilities and needs to rely on Delilah and Menolly as well.  Delilah's relationship with Shade, part dragon and part Shadolan, is deeper than any relationship she's ever had before, and she's learning to adjust there as well.  As if she doesn't have enough to deal with as it is, Delilah will also have her first solo mission as a Death Maiden.

The Otherworld series is one that should probably be read in order, because much of it is a continuation of what has happened in the earlier books.  The series alternates between the three sisters and focuses as much on the ongoing fight with the demons as it does on what is happening in their relationships, whether it be with their lover/lovers or their sisters and family.  The group that is fighting with the D'Artigo sisters is extensive and can be hard to keep track of if you are a newcomer to the novels.  Other than that, it is a fascinating series, and SHADED VISION, with its moments of joy mixed in with the battles, is a captivating book.

Jennifer Bishop