PANTHER PROWLING - Yasmine Galenorn
Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon , Book 17
ISBN: 978-0-515-15476-4
February 2015
Paranormal Romance

Seattle, Washington - Present Day

The reopening of Menolly D'Artigo's club, The Wayfarer, coincides with her sister Camille's birthday, and their middle sister Delilah is determined to make sure this party goes off without a hitch.  After the stress they've been under recently, the sisters could use a relaxing night to celebrate.  Unfortunately, not much in the lives of the D'Artigo sisters goes as planned, and the party is interrupted by their new-found cousin, Daniel, followed closely by a ghostly Viking.

Daniel, formerly a secret agent, is now a world-class art thief, but he swears he doesn't know how the sword of a client ended up in his possession.  When he decided to get rid of the sword, three ghostly Vikings showed up and started chasing him, so Daniel ran to the people he knew would be most equipped to help him. Delilah's fiancé, Shade, realizes that there is a spirit trapped in the sword, and after some investigation the sisters find out that an ancient Viking king known as Einar the Bloody was cursed into the sword.  Of course, before they get all the information they need, the sword is stolen, and now the sisters will have to find it quickly, before someone manages to release Einar from the sword to once again wreak havoc on the world.

With war raging in Otherworld, and the sisters waiting to see what Shadow Wing's next move will be, it would be nice if they could have a vacation now and again, but that's not what happens in PANTHER PROWLING.  They've suffered quite a few losses in the past few months, but Delilah and her sisters are managing as well as they can.  Some troubles crop up between some of the couples in the series, and this makes Delilah question her relationship with Shade.  Sure, they're engaged, but they haven't even talked about a wedding date, does she have reservations about him?  In the middle of their latest investigation/save the world adventure, the sisters finally learn the truth behind some of the secrets their parents were keeping, and they will also have to face the fact that their Fates are again changing.

The latest addition to the Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon series once again focuses on something outside the fight with Shadow Wing.  For those unfamiliar with the series, Shadow Wing is the demon lord who wants to destroy both Otherworld and Earthside.  While Shadow Wing's general is rampaging through Otherworld, Delilah and her sisters haven't been idle Earthside, but the work they've been doing hasn't been related to Shadow Wing.  Seventeen books in isn't exactly a place I'd recommend starting this series, as so much of the information and backstory has been explored in the previous books.

Follow along as the D'Artigo sisters once again battle evil and save the world in the gripping and full of surprises PANTHER PROWLING.

Jennifer Bishop