NIGHT'S END - Yasmine Galenorn
An Indigo Court Novel , Book 5
ISBN: 978-0-425-25923-8
July 2014
Urban Fantasy

New Forest, Washington - Present Day

Cicely Waters had hoped after their last skirmish with Myst, she and her husband, Grieve, would have a chance to settle into their roles as the Queen and King of Ice and Snow.  Her cousin, Rhiannon, has taken over the throne of the Queen of Rushes and Rivers; Summer to Cicely's Winter, and neither woman has had enough time to adjust to their new roles before Myst rises again.  Myst's Shadow Hunters are decimating the once cozy town of New Forest, and she's readying for a final assault on the Golden Wood.

Cicely and Grieve, as well as Rhiannon and her husband, Chatter, will have to leave behind their new realms in order to join with the Witches and Vampires of New Forest, with the goal of defeating Myst once and for all.  Before they leave the Barrow, Cicely learns there may be a traitor in their midst, and the fastest way to determine who is the threat is a magical mind-reading type of procedure that Cecily doesn't want to put her friends through, showing her that sometimes a queen is forced to do unpleasant things.

NIGHT'S END, the final book in the Indigo Court series, brings Cecily's story to a stunning conclusion.  Cecily has had many adjustments since her return to New Forest and has both gained and lost some of the people she considers family.  She's also learned a lot about her past, her nature, and even her past lives, but there are still things Cecily needs to learn.  Plunged back into the battle with Myst so soon after the last fight leaves Cecily and her team little time to come to terms with everything that has happened, but if they sit out too long, Myst and her never-ending winter will rule the world for eternity.

A lot has happened throughout the series that may make things a little difficult to follow if you haven't read the books in order, so this is not the book to start with.  There are still some surprises in store for Cecily and her friends, and many twists and turns along the way.  A captivating story, look for NIGHT'S END.

Jennifer Bishop