NIGHT VISION - Yasmine Galenorn
An Indigo Court Novel , Book 4
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-25922-1
July 2013
Paranormal Romance

New Forest, Washington

For twenty years, Cicely Waters, Wind Witch and half Cambyra Fae, was a transient, taking care of her mother who drowned her magic in a bottle.  Returning to New Forest after her mother's death, Cicely had hopes of coming back into the family fold, but instead she returned to chaos.  Myst, Queen of the Indigo Court, had killed the Queen of Snow and Ice, then overtook the Realm of Rivers and Rushes, bringing eternal winter to New Forest.  Cicely has reunited with her cousin, Rhiannon, as well as Grieve, the man who was her lover in another lifetime, and is now again.  The rest of their group includes Chatter, Cambyra Fae, and Rhiannon's fiancé; Luna, a Yummanii bard; Peyton, half magic-born, half-werepuma; and Kaylin, a dreamwalker with a night demon merged to his soul.  Together, they have managed to repel Myst for a time, but Fate has sent the cousins down a new path.  Cicely is to become Queen of Winter (aka Queen of Snow and Ice) with Grieve as her King, while Rhiannon will rule as the Queen of Summer (Rivers and Rushes) with Chatter by her side.

Neither Cicely nor Rhiannon had been aware of their half-Fae heritage until recently, and they struggle to quickly learn what they need to know about ruling the Fae, while trying to keep things running smoothly in New Forest. Myst may be regrouping after the last battle, but Geoffrey, the vampire that was the Regent for the Crimson Court, as well as his protégé Leo (a magic born who was turned Vampire) are still hunting Cicely and Rhiannon.  Worse yet, they've released Crawl, the Blood Oracle of the Crimson Court, from his prison, and he is hunting on the streets of New Forest, while searching for Cicely for himself.

The intense fourth book in the Indigo Court series, NIGHT VISION is the beginning of a new world for Cicely and her friends.  Much has changed in New Forest over the past few weeks, and with Cicely and Rhiannon about to take over the Winter and Summer realms, there will be even more changes to contend with in the future.  It was only after her return to New Forest that Cicely learned her biological father is Wrath, the King of Rivers and Rushes, and that she is not just half-Fae, but one of the Uwilahsidhe, an owl shifter.  Rhiannon also found out that her father was a brother to Lainule (outgoing Queen of Rivers and Rushes).  The cousins are not accustomed to the Fae way of life, and already they know they will be making changes to long-held traditions; most notably, though, they will be Winter and Summer. They are still cousins, and neither one is willing to settle for visiting only on the solstice.  Cicely has been taking care of herself since she was a child, so learning to let others do things for her is not easy, especially when it comes to fighting her enemies.

Once again Yasmine Galenorn has immersed her readers in a magickal world that is filled with danger and intrigue.  With Myst temporarily not as much of a threat, Cicely and her friends should have a chance themselves to regroup and ready themselves for the new courses their lives will be taking, but Geoffrey and Leo quickly lead them back into a harsh battle once again.  A gripping tale, you won't want to miss NIGHT VISION.

Jennifer Bishop