NIGHT SEEKER - Yasmine Galenorn
An Indigo Court Novel , Book 3
Berkley Books
ISBN: 978-0-425-25032-7
July 2012
Paranormal Romance

New Forest – Present Day

Cicely Waters had hoped her return to New Forest would be a happy reunion between her and her family, but instead she returns to chaos.  Myst, a Vampiric Fae and Queen of the Indigo Court, has taken over the Golden Forest, evicting Lainule, Fae Queen of Rivers and Rushes, and is bringing endless winter to the city of New Forest.  In the month since Cicely returned, she's lost her beloved aunt to Myst; entered into a contract with the Vampire Nation; met her father, Wrath, King of Rivers and Rushes; learned she is Uwilahsidhe (an owl-shifter); lost her lover, Grieve, to Myst and retrieved him.  Now that she's taken Grieve back from Myst, Myst will be even more determined to kill Cicely.  Cicely and her friends have alienated some of their enemies and her unwillingness to be turned has caused a rift between Cicely and Lainule, so they no longer have the support of the Cambyra Fae.  They've also shown that Geoffrey, Regent of the NW Vampire Nation, is a traitor, so the only vampire support they have now is Lannan Altos, who is obsessed with Cicely.  With Cicely and her court of magic-born, now calling themselves the Moon Spinners, on the brink of war, their allies are few, and they decide to call on the Consortium.

As they gear up to fight not just for the Golden Forest but also to save their little corner of the world, Cicely is given another task.  When Myst forced Lainule out of the Golden Forest, Lainule left behind her heartstone, and unless she can retrieve it, Lainule will die.  Cicely offers to get it back, and along with Grieve, Rhiannon (Cicely's cousin), Chatter (Cambyra Fae and Rhiannon's fiancé), and Kaylin, travels into the Golden Forest, deep into Myst's territory.

Though a complex continuing tale, while compelling, I wouldn't recommend reading NIGHT SEEKER as a stand-alone story.  Cicely and her whole cast of characters were introduced in the earlier books (NIGHT MYST and NIGHT VEIL) and the battle between Myst and the rest is one that continues from one tale to another.  In this book, Cicely, as well as Rhiannon, learn things about their pasts and their respective parentages that will change their lives forever.  They will also face the ultimate test when they travel into the Golden Forest and have a confrontation with Heather, Rhiannon's mother, who has been captured and turned by Myst.

Cicely is an interesting character, tough because of the way she grew up, and a fighter, but at the same time she wishes for normality and family.  She's thrilled to be back together with Grieve, and worried about the bond between him and Myst, yet at the same time, she's tied to Lannon and the vampires—something she did out of necessity, but which is complicating her life in ways she hadn't anticipated.  With war creeping closer with every minute, Cicely and her group don't get a lot of down-time, giving readers constant action from the very start, making it hard to put down the book.  A thrilling paranormal story that's part of a captivating series, check out NIGHT SEEKER.

Jennifer Bishop