FLIGHT FROM MAYHEM - Yasmine Galenorn
Fly By Night , Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-425-27216-9
August 2016
Paranormal Romance

Seattle, Washington - Present Day

A blue dragon exiled from the Dragon Reaches, Shimmer has spent the last few months Earthside, working at the Fly By Night detective agency.  As a foundling, Shimmer has no lineage, and therefore isn't recognized in dragon society. It's taken some time for her to get used to the way things are Earthside, and even though exile is supposed to be a punishment, there are many things about Earthside that Shimmer is enjoying.  Among them are her friendships with Stacy, a human; Tonya, a witch; her coworkers Bette, a Melusine, and Ralph, a werewolf; and finally, Alex Radcliffe, who is not only her boss and parole officer, but recently has become her lover as well.

When Bette's friend goes missing, Shimmer calls in Chase Johnson, the director of the Faerie Human Crime Scene Investigation (FH-CSI) team.  He admits that there have recently been a few murders of wealthy supernatural beings in the area, and it may be a serial killer.  As his plate is a little full with another investigation he can't share, Chase asks that Fly By Night look into the murders, and Alex, Shimmer and company begin to investigate.

Though the investigation into the serial killer is the primary focus in FLIGHT FROM MAYHEM, it's not the only thing that the team from Fly By Night Investigations has going on.  Alex's ex-girlfriend, Glenda, has decided that she doesn't like Alex and Shimmer as a couple and has started to cause problems for them, Ralph's family is making demands on him that are Pack-related, and Tonya, the witch who helped them with their last case, arrives with some problems of her own.  Add in a rogue salamander causing havoc throughout Seattle, and the haunted house across the street that is calling to Shimmer, and she's got her hands full.  Shimmer has spent most of her life alone, so having friends is a big change for her even bigger is having a romantic relationship.  Yet, in spite of all the chaos surrounding her, Shimmer can't help but think that maybe her life has truly taken a step for the better.

Mystery, an evolving relationship, and quite a few things that go bump in the night combine to make FLIGHT FROM MAYHEM a difficult book to put down.

Jennifer Bishop