CRIMSON VEIL - Yasmine Galenorn
Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon , Book 15
ISBN: 978-0-515-15283-8
February 2014
Paranormal Romance

Seattle, Washington - Present Day

Menolly D'Artigo and her sisters have made it back to Seattle after living through the first storm of war in Elqaneve.  Their father is missing and presumed dead, Queen Asteria is dead, and their friend Sharah had to leave her lover, Chase, and their newborn daughter in Seattle to take over the throne in Otherworld.  As if that's not enough chaos to deal with, Menolly has to attend the funeral of Chrysandra, her friend and a bartender at Menolly's club, The Wayfarer, who died when the club was burned to the ground.  Also, in trying to find the missing friend of some vamps, Menolly and her sisters stumbled upon a Supe slavery ring, being led by a daemon hoping to awaken Suvika, a lord of vice. 

As Menolly deals with the losses in her life the way she always has by shutting out the emotions and forging on she receives some well-meaning advice from Hanna (their housekeeper) as well as some of her sister Camille's husbands.  When Menolly and her wife, Nerissa, fight over Nerissa's insistence on being included in an undercover operation, Menolly begins to realize that maybe she is guilty of shutting people out.  But with all hell breaking loose Earthside, and the destruction they are aware of in Otherworld, now may not be the time for Menolly to split her focus.

The fifteenth novel in the Otherworld series, CRIMSON VEIL continues the adventures of the D'Artigo sisters.  While the books alternate between the sisters in points of view, they also are each a continuation of the previous book, with little to no time elapsing between novels, so it's probably best to read them in order to better grasp the nuances of the series.  Menolly is half-Fae and a vampire, married to Nerissa, a were-puma, and consort to Roman, an ancient vampire and son of the Queen of the Crimson Veil.  She's very self-contained and hides her emotions from everyone including her sisters.  Life has never been easy for the D'Artigo sisters, but in recent years, things have gotten worse, and now they find themselves leading the Earthside division of the Otherworld Intelligence Agency, and battling all sorts of creatures.

Thought it is definitely a series you want to read in order, the world Yasmine Galenorn has created is both harsh and intriguing, and the sisters have also found some things Earthside that they hadn't in Otherworld to balance the bad they are dealing with. A gripping, emotional tale, you won't want to miss CRIMSON VEIL.

Jennifer Bishop