ALL THAT FALLS – Kimberly Frost
A Novel of the Etherlin , Book Two
Berkley Books
ISBN: 0425250903
June 2012
Paranormal Romance

The Etherlin – Present Day

Lysander has his own prophecy: defeat his biggest betrayer, and he will be allowed back into heaven. That's all he wants, all he has been working for these many centuries. He has never let himself be distracted from his goal…until he meets Cerise. At night, he perches outside her window watching her dance, fascinated by her warmth and movement. But the signs are showing, and Lysander must prepare to fight for his redemption. 

Cerise is a Muse, one who has recently lost her favorite musician, Griffin. His death still haunts her, but the more she learns about him, the more worried she gets. Griffin was into some very bad stuff, and now that stuff, or rather that demon, is after Cerise. In Lysander, Cerise finds more than just someone to help. Her feelings for him have grown deeper than she ever thought possible. But will she be willing to let him go when heaven calls?

ALL THAT FALLS is not for the squeamish. Drugs, demons, and death are prevalent in Cerise's world, but it's not violence for the sake of violence, so if you're the type of reader who can handle the darker side of the paranormal world, you'll definitely want to check out Frost's Etherlin series. Cerise is the type of heroine who readers love to root for. She's tough, and not willing to go down without a fight. And Lysander is more than a match for Cerise's strong will. Cerise and Lysander's relationship is, at first, a constant push and pull, and when the two finally find a way to settle their differences, sparks will fly and steam will pour from the pages. 

The second book in the Etherlin series, ALL THAT FALLS follows ALL THAT BLEEDS (JAN 2012). But other than a possibly confusing prologue, ALL THAT FALLS can easily be read as a standalone. But if you're like me, the second you finish Lysander and Cerise's story, you'll be on the hunt for the first novel in the series. There is no mention of a sequel so far, but I'm sure I'm not the only one crossing my fingers in hopes of a third book.

Amanda Toth