UP FROM THE GRAVE - Jeaniene Frost
A Night Huntress Novel, Book 7
ISBN: 978-0-06-207611-3
February 2014
Paranormal Romance

Present Day

After leaving behind her work for the government, vampires Cat Crawfield and her husband Bones have settled into a calm, almost normal married life. Until her ghostly uncle, Don, appears and tells Cat that her former team is missing. After Don's death, a man named Madigan took over Don's job, and Cat doesn't trust him at all. When they confront him, Madigan claims that her friends are dead, but something tells Cat that whatever happened to Tate, Juan, Dave and Cooper could be worse.

With the help of Marie Leveau, the Queen of the Ghouls herself, Cat and Bones finally get some answers from Don…but not the answers they hoped for. Madigan's project involved genetic experiments, hoping to combine ghoul DNA with that of a vampire—something that would bring about war between the two factions. Since Tate and Juan are vampires and Dave is a ghoul, Cat knows that Madigan is using them now, and it's up to her and Bones to save her friends as well as avert a war that would kill millions.

In the final book of the Night Huntress series, Cat and Bones are once again saving the world and risking their undead lives to do it. After everything they've been through, Cat is really enjoying her little slice of normal, but Don's revelations throw normal out the window and give her quite a few shocks about her past. If ghouls and vampires hope to avoid all-out war, while keeping their existence a secret from humans, it will be up to Cat, Bones, and their friends to do something about it. In addition to Cat's team, Marie Laveau, Don and Ian (Bones's cousin), they will also get help from other friends—Mencheres and Cat (ETERNAL KISS OF DARKNESS); Denise and Spade (FIRST DROP OF CRIMSON); and even Vlad and Leila (the Night Prince series) make an appearance.

For readers unfamiliar with the Night Huntress novels, I would not recommend starting with this one. Though you can figure out some of what has happened to Cat before now based on references in this story, you miss the action and the impact of seeing it happen. Also, as UP FROM THE GRAVE is the last Cat and Bones novel, you would see how it all ends without knowing the beginning, so it's probably best to go back and read them in order. Fans of the series will not be disappointed with this final installment (beyond the fact that it is the final book), as it is filled with the action and emotion that Cat and Bones are known for. For a thrilling tale, and fitting conclusion to the series, don't miss UP FROM THE GRAVE.

Jennifer Bishop