BOUND BY FLAMES - Jeaniene Frost
A Night Prince Novel, Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-06-207608-3
February 2015
Paranormal Romance

Present Day

For most brides, the wedding means it's time for your happily-ever-after, but Leila isn't most brides she's newly married to Vlad Dracul, the world's most famous vampire.  Before the wedding, Leila was captured, killed, and turned into a vampire by some of Vlad's enemies, and they've recently learned that his oldest enemy, Mihaly Szilagyi isn't as dead as they'd thought he was.  Instead of enjoying a honeymoon, Leila is using her ability to psychically see a person's worst sin to figure out who among their friends may actually be working with Szilagyi, and after a close call, Leila learns a couple of new things about her husband. First, he's afraid for her, and second, he is willing to do anything even strip Leila of her powers if it means keeping her safe.  While Leila can understand that Vlad only wants to protect her, she has spent too much of her life taking care of herself to be okay with staying behind.  But when Vlad's efforts to protect her fail, it will be up to Leila to once again get herself out of trouble.

As a teenager, Leila accidentally touched a downed power line that changed her life forever.  Her body can store electricity, but she'd also been unable to touch people without electrocuting them, until she met Vlad.  Vlad's ability to control fire while remaining immune to it makes it possible for her to touch him without consequences well, other than the fact that they've fallen in love.  They've weathered a few storms, including Leila's death that resulted in her becoming a vampire, but in BOUND BY FLAMES, they will be put to the test once again.  Vlad and Szilagyi have been enemies since before Vlad became a vampire, and now that Szilagyi has reappeared, Vlad is terrified that he'll once again lose the people he loves to the man who has already taken so much from him.

For those unfamiliar with the series, this probably isn't the book to start with, since so much of the background of this story was covered in the first two books. There are a few surprises in store for Leila and Vlad, and a few things are left hanging for the next book in the Night Prince series.  BOUND BY FLAMES is an intense tale that will prove to Leila just how strong she is, as well as just how powerful the love between her and Vlad is.

Jennifer Bishop