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Hartmann Heirs , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2918
ISBN: 978-1-335-58157-0
January 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Montana – Present Day

Bull rider Brad Hill is well on his way to winning the bull riding championship but after he gets thrown, his boss suggests that he get some massage therapy from their new medical resident, Hannah Bean. Meeting Hannah for the first time, Brad is enamored with Hannah, but he has to be careful and stay on task. After all, he can’t let it slip that he’s bull riding under an assumed name. Brad is really Jackson Hartmann, part of the wealthy and famous Hartmann family which owns lots of land in Montana. But his good intentions in not getting involved with Hannah soon go by the wayside as the two are soon kissing…and doing much more.

Hannah is also here under false pretenses. She is a medical resident, but the real reason that she’s temporarily signed up for Brad’s team is that she wants to meet her father for the first time—Brad’s boss. Meanwhile, Brad is a tempting distraction as she continues to hang around her father, Rodney, getting to know him and figuring out the best time to approach him with the news. However, her affair with Brad soon proves complicated. She will find herself having to choose between medical ethics and Brad's quest for the bull riding championship.

There are a lot of secrets going on in HOW TO CATCH A COWBOY and readers wonder when it will all blow up in their faces. Jackson had an unsatisfactory childhood with a father who first abandoned him and his siblings, then came back to become a pain in the rear. After his father died, Jackson decided he’d had enough of ranch life and took off, not telling his family that he was now part of the rodeo circuit. In this tale, Jackson’s brother, Nick, contacts him a couple of times before they finally meet face-to-face. Does Nick want him to return to the ranch? How will Hannah learn that Brad is Jackson, plus how will she react to the news?

Hannah grew up with a single mom, the product of her mother’s one-night stand with Rodney. All she wants is recognition from her dad. Turns out that Rodney is not the nicest guy in the world. Has Hannah made a mistake coming to Montana? What about her feelings for Brad (Jackson)? Their chemistry is fiery hot, and she soon realizes that she could spend the rest of her life with him. But will their secrets doom them as a couple? What kind of reception will Rodney give her once he realizes that he has a daughter? There is plenty of emotion running throughout this tale.

A sizzling read that will easily capture the attention of readers, don’t miss HOW TO CATCH A COWBOY.

Patti Fischer

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