A Dukes Behaving Badly Novel, Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-06-235220-0
e-ISBN: 978-0-06-235221-7
December 2014
Historical Romance

London, 1840

Lily Russell lived a relatively good life until her father died after gambling away his estate. Her mother followed soon after, which left no one on whom Lily could rely, and she needed to make her own way. Her only marketable skill was keeping financial records, along with her practicable nature. The only job she could find was keeping books for a brothel…that is, she worked there but she didn't work there. Not that it mattered; her name was still ruined. Eventually, she migrated to London where she and two others have established a domestic employment agency to help other women with “unfortunate pasts” like themselves to find honest employment.

The Duke of Rutherford grew up a second son of a not very doting father of some means but no expectation of a title. No one foresaw the series of deaths that would make Marcus a duke, yet he has been for the last six months. He's behaved rather badly, wasting his life drinking, gambling, and womanizing, but not knowing how to change…until a visitor arrives out of the blue…a daughter. Little Rose is four years old, begot on a one-time mistress who just died. The duke is charmed by Rose; she's just what he needs to change his ways and become a responsible man. He's going to need some help, however, and so he hires a governess.

Lily was working when the Duke of Rutherford entered the Quality Employment Agency. Placing a governess in a ducal household would greatly enhance their business, and she could think of no one better for the job than herself. . .

With a hero one could come to love and a heroine who likes to play with words, THE DUKE'S GUIDE TO CORRECT BEHAVIOR is a win, win. The lively banter between these two characters, whose wits match perfectly, is the icing on this romantic—and warm—tale. Add in a lovable child, and you have the cherry on top.

Enough with the metaphors! For a fun and moving read, don't miss this beguiling historical romance.

Jane Bowers