PUT UP YOUR DUKE Megan Frampton
Dukes Behaving Badly Series, Book 3
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-235222-4
July 2015
Historical Romance

England, 1842

Nicholas Smithfield considers himself an egalitarian lover, making sure his partner finds enjoyment too. He is with three women and still bored when his brother Griff walks in and interrupts him. He hands Nicholas a legal document telling him he is now the Duke of Gage. The current duke has been disavowed as an investigation into the family line shows bigamy a few generations ago. Another shock awaits Nicholas, for in a few days he finds himself engaged.

Lady Isabella Sawford's beauty is flawless. Her parents have raised her to be the impeccable duke's wife without regard to her desires. The only person she loves and feels comfortable with is her sister Margaret, whom her parents have ignored. Her father gave the Duke of Gage money in exchange for an engagement. When news had come that the duke had lost his title, she hoped for freedom, but her father soon makes a deal with the new duke. The thing is, she finds Nicholas far better than the previous duke. She is unaware that the new Duke of Gage finds her just as irresistible.

Nicholas decides to forgo his wedding night's duty and spend his time seducing his wife. She is the first woman who actually intrigues him, but weeks go by, and the only outlet to his frustration is boxing. What will happen when the previous duke decides to fight in the courts to regain his position?

While the situation seems hard to believe even for the characters, they carry the story convincingly. Both good and bad, they seem products of their era. The sexual tension is high as Nicholas and Isabella try to come to terms with their situation while falling in love, something neither had foreseen. Difficulties abound, making for an interesting read.

Robin Lee