A Dukes Behaving Badly Novel , Book 3
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-241278-2
January 2016
Historical Romance

London, Early in the Victorian Era.

Contrary to what the series title suggests, The Duke of Lasham is all that is proper, some would say stodgy and boring, as all he does is his duty. That is the first impression Lady Margaret Sawford has of him when they accidentally meet in an otherwise empty room at a ball. She, herself, is a bit scandalous for refusing to marry the man chosen by her parents, who subsequently disowned her. But now her parents are traveling abroad, and she has returned to Town.

Lady Margaret ekes out a decent living by winning at poker and writing a serial story for a magazine. At first glance at the duke, she found him interesting to look at. He's a tall and very handsome man…if it weren't for the black patch over his missing eye. How he lost that eye is fodder for speculation among Society, but no one dares asked him how it happened; his manner and aspect are quite forbidding.

Fate takes a hand and the two meet again, and Lasham is on hand when Margaret needs saving. She often travels to the seamier parts of London to help poor women and children. Before long, this unlikely pairing begins a friendship of sort. Lady Margaret sees Lasham as a challenge; he needs fun and adventure in his life. Her prodding causes him to rethink his way of life. A merry chase is on.

With a unique and intriguing plot, catchy dialogue, and tantalizing love scenes, ONE-EYED DUKES ARE WILD easily holds interest. And as a bonus, each chapter begins with a short episode of Margaret's fanciful continuing tale that eerily parallels the main story.

Jane Bowers