Caribou Crossing Series
Zebra eBook
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3580-0
July 2014
Contemporary Romance Novella

Caribou Crossing, British Columbia, Canada – Present Day

After working together on a case that just finished up, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Corporal Karen MacLean finds herself intrigued by Vancouver undercover Sergeant Jamal Estevez. Celebrating the satisfactory end of the case along with friends Brooke Kinkaid and Jake Brannon, Karen wonders if a fling with the attractive Jamal is something she wants to pursue. She's not into casual affairs, and as the interim head of the Caribou Crossing agency, she has to be beyond reproach. But Jamal is so tempting…

Jamal feels unworthy of Karen, especially after what he sees as his past troubles with  alcohol addiction, which he has hidden from his bosses because it could compromise his career as an uncover detective. Add in the fact that there isn't likely a future with Karen because she lives in rural British Columbia and his base is in Vancouver. Yet, being around her has him unable to stay away…or from making love to her.

Being a woman in her field is hard enough without adding in questions about her personal life, so she tries to push away any thoughts of getting involved with Jamal. Yet, the more they're around each other, the harder is it to resist the inevitable. Both realize how difficult it would be to plan any future together since they can't work in the same office according to department rules, and Karen doesn't want to move to Vancouver. Their relationship is tenuous and fraught with tension, as Jamal tries to push her away, afraid to reveal his past addiction. Karen and Jamal have a lot of things to work out, so how can they make it all come together in STAND BY YOUR MAN?

A novella that is part of the Caribou Crossing series, STAND BY YOUR MAN is both tender and emotional, with the sensuality cranking up the heat and is a great addition to the series. Jamal has to come to terms with his past, and readers can only hope Karen will be the one who helps him. A superb contemporary romance that is recommended for anyone who loves a spicy romance and a heroine unafraid to stand by her man.

Patti Fischer