RING OF FIRE – Susan Fox
A Caribou Crossing Romance , Book 7
ISBN: 978-1420140262
June 2016
Contemporary Romance

Caribou Crossing, British Columbia – Present Day

After a tragic accident that caused Major Eric Weaver to lose part of his leg in Afghanistan, he's come to Caribou Crossing for solitude and recovery from the PTSD that he suffers from. Eric blames himself for the attack on his military unit that left his best friend dead. A fire in his rented house has him being rescued by the town's fire chief, Lark Cantrell, and he later meets his rescuer at a horse riding therapy class. Lark is raising her cerebral palsy stricken son, Jayden, alone and doesn't have time to get involved with a man, especially one with a lot of emotional baggage

But the desire sizzles between Eric and Lark and, despite their vow to not get involved with each other, they end up having a bit of a “friends with benefits” relationship. Yet, the time spent together is therapeutic for both, as it allows them to see themselves as lovers and not someone with responsibilities. Being in a noncommittal relationship appears to work at first, but things begin to go deeper between them. Eric is independent and doesn't want anyone to help him get over his PSTD and self-blame issues. Lark feels she doesn't need a man in her life to help raise her son. Yet, their feelings are turning to love and will saying goodbye to each other when Eric ends his time in Caribou Crossing prove hard to do?

RING OF FIRE deals with the emotional trauma many military vets face after they return from duty. The death and horror many witnessed is not something easily forgotten. Eric's guilt, while misplaced, is hard for him to deal with, and Lark is like a therapist as she helps him emotionally heal. She has her own issues, mainly because as a firefighter she has seen her own share of death and horror. Jayden is her life, and she's very protective of him as he deals with his cerebral palsy. Horseback riding was recommended for both Eric and Jayden and this interaction causes a bond to form between them.

The pain and suffering by Eric and Lark isn't always pretty and not glossed over in RING OF FIRE, but that is what gives it an intense emotional feel that will pull readers in. Eric and Lark deserve some happiness, even if both feel their affair will be brief. Once Eric is well enough he plans to return to military service and Lark will continue to raise Jayden. Falling in love wasn't expected by either, but once “cupid's arrow” strikes, they have to figure out if there is a chance they could make it work.

RING OF FIRE is part of the other Caribou Crossing novels, but can be read as a standalone. Characters from prior books do pop in and out, but RING OF FIRE solely concentrates on the healing and falling in love that Eric and Lark experience.

A feel good tale that is emotional and heartfelt, RING OF FIRE is one you won't want to put down once you pick it up. Grab a copy and experience the unexpected love waiting for Eric and Lark.

Patti Fischer