Caribou Crossing , Book 6
ISBN: 978-1420135787
October 2015
Contemporary Romance

Caribou Crossing, British Columbia, Canada – Present Day

Widowed Sally Ryland runs a riding school, but she is on the verge of losing it due to piling debts and expenses. She has pretty much kept to herself and barely made friends in Caribou Crossing. Out of the blue, Ben Traynor, a rodeo rider from Sally's barrel racing days, stops by her ranch. Ben is recovering from an injury and is looking for a place to park his trailer for a few days. Even though Sally isn't exactly welcoming him to stay, he does settle in. His presence soon comes in handy as he helps her with chores while providing her with some friendly companionship.

Ben was attracted to Sally years ago, but lost her to a suave man who came in and swept her off her feet. He heard she'd settled in Caribou Crossing and was now a widow, so he thought he'd check her out. Sally is thin and quiet…not the vibrant woman he knew years ago. She seems afraid to open up to him, so Ben uses his persuasive charms to win her trust. She is a hard worker, and he wants to make her life less stressful, even as she resists his attempts. Soon Ben learns the real truth behind what happened to Sally: her late husband was abusive. Ben is going to have to use every skill he has to woo Sally. Can a woman who has had her life turned inside out think about a future with a man whose first love is the rodeo?

Sally is both a strong woman and one who is broken in LOVE SOMEBODY LIKE YOU by Susan Fox. She has learned to develop a hard shell and hold in her true feelings as she has worked hard to build the riding school. But she is almost at the breaking point after her only employee quits.  Into her life walks Ben, a man she knew in her rodeo days. Ben has built a rodeo career that is currently stalled due to his injury. She's aware that he may be looking for a hookup, but she has no plans to give in because if she falls for him, he will only walk away when he returns to the rodeo circuit. There is also the fact that she has a hard time trusting men after her husband convinced her that she was worthless and not good for anything. What could Ben possibly see in her?

Ben treads carefully around Sally as she keeps a wall around herself. He slowly chips at that barrier and soon she begins to open up. Yet she doesn't tell him everything—until she begins to understand that her husband pecked away at her until she had little self-esteem. With Ben's help, Sally ventures outside her little world at the riding school and interacts with the people in Caribou Crossing—something her husband didn't allow because he convinced her it was him and her against the world. With Sally's eyes being opened to what is around her, she also begins to have feelings of desire for Ben. She hesitates at first, but their continued closeness only amplifies the attraction. Can she have a fling with him knowing that he won't be sticking around?

The passion and emotion in LOVE SOMEBODY LIKE YOU is intense and real as Sally awakens and finds love with Ben and tries a different direction in her life in Caribou Crossing after years of abuse from a man who isolated her. Readers will come to care for both Sally and Ben, as they rekindle a friendship…and discover love. Will Ben make the decision to stay and make a life with Sally?

A riveting tale from the start, fall in love with Sally and Ben in LOVE SOMEBODY LIKE YOU.

Patti Fischer