Wild Ride to Love , Book 3
Kensington Brava
ISBN: 978-0-7582-5929-5
February 2011

Erotic Contemporary Romance

West coast of United States and Vancouver, Canada

Jenna Fallon doesn't like to fly, so when her sister Merilee announces she's getting married right away, Jenna hops into her car to make the long trek to Vancouver. But her car breaks down, and in a coincidence, she runs into Mark Chambers, who is also on the road to Vancouver in his Westfalia campervan. Jenna is attracted to him, and thinks a little road dalliance just might be some fun. He agrees to let her join him, well aware she has the hots for him. Mark is a marine biologist, while Jenna hasn't decided on her career, except knowing it has to be something which helps the environment. Jenna is more of a hippie, while Mark is a conformist. All they have in common is the hot sexual attraction they feel for each other. Will a temporary affair be all they get, or will this mismatched couple find love on the road?

In Jenna's family, she's considered the “butterfly,” the one who flits from job to job, never settling down. She revels in the flaky, hippie moniker, because it means she doesn't have to commit to anyone or reveal her feelings. When she was a teenager, Jenna ran off with a boyfriend, which turned out to be more harmful than good. She's buried her past feelings behind a charade of being free and aimless. Will Mark break down the barriers and get to Jenna's heart?

Mark has his own issues, namely the fact that he was mostly raised in a commune until his straitlaced grandparents took over after his mother's death. He hated the commune lifestyle, so to see Jenna acting like a hippie and liking the free love aspects, has him backing away in horror. Mark, who has a steady career he loves and has his life mapped out, can't possibly have anything in common with a woman who goes from job to job and from situation to whatever happens next without thought. Yet, love finds one in the oddest of times. The more Mark is around Jenna, the more he's convinced he can change her into a woman he just might spend the rest of his life with. But, will she agree?

My first reaction after I finished HIS, UNEXPECTEDLY was that I liked this story…a lot. My feelings haven't changed. Written in both first person (Jenna's view) and third person (Mark's view), readers will get an interestingly deep insight into the characters of Mark and Jenna, until they seem like people you know. You'll come to care for them and hope they get together. In the end, it's a case of compromise rather than one changing to please the other, yet, both Mark and Jenna do change. A couple who knowingly began a “no strings attached” sexual relationship grew to care for each other and discover the magic of falling in love.

Part of Susan Fox's Wild Ride to Love series, HIS, UNEXPECTEDLY could possibly be read alone, but I strongly recommend picking up SEX DRIVE (written under Susan Lyons) and LOVE, UNEXPECTEDLY, to get a better feel for the whole series. I am anxiously looking forward to the final one in the series, which would be Merilee's story, I assume. It should be interesting, since she is the bride that links the series.

Blistering hot love scenes combined with sizzling prose makes HIS, UNEXPECTEDLY a book you won't want to put down. A terrific, riveting book I highly recommend it for readers who love sexy hijinks and characters finding love unexpectedly.

Holly Tibbs