A Blue Moon Harbor Novel
Kensington Zebra
ISBN: 978-1420-14326-3
January 2018
Contemporary Romance

Destiny Island, British Columbia – Present Day

Miranda Gabriel's life has been unsettled since she was a child, but finally she has some semblance of normalcy living once again on Destiny Island with her two-year-old daughter, Ariana. Her brother, Aaron, has encouraged her to get her GED and study online for a college degree, which she does while working at a local toy store. One day, veterinarian Luke Chandler walks into the store looking for toys for his motherless twin boys, and it's Miranda who waits on him. He remembers her from high school, back when she was in her Goth period. But the grownup Miranda intrigues him like no other woman has done so since his late wife.

Miranda suffers from self-doubt after being raised (along with Aaron) by a drug addicted mother, who later OD'd and died. The children were left to be raised by unloving grandparents who have stayed out of their grandchildren's lives as adults. Miranda loved the party life in Vancouver, but once she had Ariana, she realized her daughter is her primary responsibility, which is one reason she ended up back on Destiny Island, a place she doesn't have fond memories of. The fact that Luke is showing interest in her surprises her…and tantalizes her with the realization that she's attracted to him. Their “romance” starts off slowly, built around family outings, but soon they want more from each other. But is Luke over the death of his wife? Can Miranda get past her insecurities?

Miranda is in a better place than when she was living in Vancouver, but she doesn't think Destiny Island is where she'll stay. In COME HOME WITH ME, Miranda feels like an outsider, which is magnified when Aaron gets engaged to Eden (their tale is told in FLY AWAY WITH ME) and realizes she needs to move out of the home they've shared. Moving into a small cabin with Ariana, Miranda soon adjusts, and her life seems set…for now. Luke is a nice guy and is wonderful with her daughter, but does he only see her as a friend or a temporary lover? After all, he's still doesn't appear to have quite gotten over losing his wife. But as their friendship develops into a sexual one, they both realize they'll have to think about the future, and if it will include each other.

Luke has only dated and bedded one woman before Miranda, but his life shouldn't be over once his wife died. His boys come first, and his practice keeps him busy, but he's intrigued by Miranda. Because they both have children, he suggests they have family oriented outings, which is a way to explore their friendship…and see if it will lead to more. But friendship turns to desire, and soon, passion. Luke and Miranda try to keep things low key initially, but are they falling in love? Her plans don't include staying on the isolated Destiny Island, while his life is firmly entrenched there. Can they find a way to happiness…together?

COME HOME WITH ME is an emotional and tender tale of a couple who weren't sure they'd ever find love. While their paths were different, Miranda and Luke hope to be on a path together to a happily-ever-after with their blended family. I know I found myself rooting for them to make it work because they're so perfect together. Readers will love this latest book from Susan Fox that gives a ray of hope where there was once despair. Grab a copy of COME HOME WITH ME, a feel-good romance that I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer