A Dirty Girls Book Club Novel
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-26875-9
February 2014
Contemporary Romance

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Present Day

As the only married woman in their book club, Dr. Lily Nyland has watched two of her friends fall in love with men totally different from them. Lily once thought she had her happily-ever-after with Dax Xavier, but his absence as a helicopter pilot and her dedication to her medical career have found them drifting apart. It's nearly Christmas and Dax is due home, but Lily wonders if it will be their last one together. Meanwhile, Lily and her fellow book club members decide to read a BDSM novel, but she wonders how anyone could ever enjoy hurting someone they love.

Dax arrives—days late—on Christmas Eve to an empty condo. Lily is working again, and he also wonders if this will be their last time together. She has thrown herself into her work and built a sterile life that he feels doesn't include him. Even their condo has nothing out of place, making Dax long for a house that feels like home. Settling in to wait for Lily, he picks up her Kindle to kill time and starts to read the book on it—a sexy tale where a man sexually “dominates” the heroine and she enjoys it. Is Lily into kinky sex? Has she found someone who shares her love of BDSM? Dax decides a last ditch effort to save their marriage is in order…and if she wants kinky sex, then that is what he'll give her.

As BOUND TO BE DIRTY opens, both Lily and Dax see the end coming to their marriage. They fell in love one summer at camp, the rich good girl falling for the poor bad boy. Despite the objections of her parents, Lily and Dax married, with both still forging careers of their choice: hers to be a doctor in a medical practice and he to fly. Unfortunately, this has meant long periods of time apart as his job takes him to the wilds of the Yukon and she is the owner of a clinic that demands a lot of her time. As such, they've drifted apart, which caused trust issues, including believing the other is having an affair. Lily also feels pressure from her parents, who wanted her to go into medical research rather than “waste her time” taking care of patients. Dax is wondering if it is time for him to seek a new job rather than being gone all the time, but he loves flying. But the biggest obstacle for them is what to do about their marriage.

The book that Dax and Lily read is raunchy and titillating—and in BOUND TO BE DIRTY it gives readers a peek into that one as well as this tale. Neither can see how someone can enjoy BDSM, yet a first foray into “masterful” sex leaves them wanting more of the same. Prior to this, their sex life was pretty much “vanilla-like” and that dullness took out a lot of the fun. Can Lily and Dax energize their marriage and fall back in love? But before they figure it out, a lot of “experimenting” and twists and turns will occur along that road to what they hope is a happily-ever-after.

This sizzling read proves that a marriage may have problems one way or another, but in BOUND TO BE DIRTY, there's hope when there's love. Pick up your copy for a read that's sure to provide a sizzle in your reading life.

Patti Fischer